Women’s Day 2024: 7 Wine-Based Cocktails For A Great Celebration
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As it’s the second week of March, International Women’s Day is just around the corner. This day is celebrated in various ways that honour women. For instance, theme parties highlighting iconic women, real and fictional, are quite popular. Many restaurants and establishments also offer exclusive Women’s Day brunches and deals; similarly, bakeries and gift studios offer specially curated hampers and gift boxes that can be presented to women. In this way, Women’s Day is a global party, and no party is complete without some booze.

Sparkling wine cocktails are a big draw at Women’s Day brunches and soirees. This is because most women cherish these bubbly and effervescent concoctions, which include the likes of delicious mimosa and fruity bellini. These drinks, which are typically crafted by combining sparkling wine with appetising fruit juices, have a light and airy texture as well as a refreshing and a soothing taste, making them appealing to the feminine palate. Served in trendy glasses and infused with beautiful colours, sparkling wine cocktails also add a touch of refinement and vibrancy to Women’s Day jamborees.

Here’s a list of sparkling wine cocktails to light up your Women’s Day celebrations.


The mimosa is a sumptuous cocktail that is crafted by combining luxurious champagne with some form of citrus juice. Although the classic mimosa utilises orange juice, this cocktail can be customised as per one’s taste; raspberry and strawberry mimosas are also quite popular. Typically, though, the classic orange-flavoured mimosa is preferred for its exhilarating flavour notes that impressively meld the zesty verve of the orange juice with the enriching undercurrents of champagne.

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Originating in Venice, Italy, the bellini is an easy breezy cocktail that requires only two major ingredients—peach puree and the sparkling wine, prosecco. The peach puree lends the drink a crisp, tart, and floral flavour, elevating the taste profile of the entire. A fixture during brunch and girly get-togethers, it’s difficult to go wrong with this simple but elegant concoction. The sweetness of the peaches and the airiness of the prosecco make for an invigorating drink.

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Aperol Spritz

Like the bellini, the enchanting aperol spritz cocktail also hails from Italy. This vivacious concoction is crafted by combining aperol liqueur with soda water and prosecco, and it’s treasured worldwide for the symphony of flavours it imparts on one’s palate, which range from subtle bitterness to a touch of sweetness. The drink is also infused with floral notes that usually linger on one’s palate. This unique cocktail is guaranteed to enliven parties with its revitalising flavour.

French 75

As the name suggests, this energising cocktail was invented in the French capital of Paris in 1915. Boasting an unusually high amount of alcoholic content, the French 75 was literally named after a French weapon! The drink effortlessly combines gin with champagne, lemon juice, and syrup. As it possesses intense flavours, this cocktail serves as a good alternative to lighter cocktails like mimosa, for those looking for something stronger. It is recommended to practice caution while sipping this explosive drink.

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Negroni Sbagliato

Another Italian classic, the irresistible negroni sbagliato was invented in the fashionable city of Milan. This uplifting beverage blends sweet vermouth with the famous Italian aperitif campari; the vermouth-campari concoction is subsequently doused with a splash of prosecco to form the enticing negroni sbagliato. In terms of taste, the drink is quite complex and layered, giving out notes of bitterness and sweetness simultaneously. It is typically garnished with a lemon to lend it some tangy and zesty undertones.

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The airmail is an indulgent cocktail that’s quite similar to the spunky French 75. Believed to have been invented in the 1920s or 1930s in the US or Cuba, this lip-smacking concoction combines rum with lemon juice, honey, and champagne. The drink is quite luscious and flavourful without overwhelming the palate with too much concentration of any one particular taste profile. The champagne infuses it with a fizzy texture while the lemon juice gives the cocktail notes of freshness.

Black Velvet

Believed to either originate in the UK or Ireland, the black velvet cocktail caters to all the beer lovers out there. This delightfully dense and frothy cocktail is extremely easy to craft; pour any premium quality beer into a glass and then top it off with champagne. This drink is cherished for the seamless manner in which the crispness of the sparkling wine intermingles with the intense flavours of the beer, helping form a balanced and succulent cocktail.