6 Classic Wine Cocktails To Enjoy This Weekend

Be it any celebratory moment or a small get-together of friends, a glass filled with velvety wine can enhance elegance and sophistication completely. Be it red, white, rose or even champagne, wines of all types can take away all your worries. And when it is National Wine Day, it is totally fair to talk about this beauty, isn’t it? With a diverse range of flavours and a richer history, each wine type offers robust flavours and unique experience to every single palate. 

Be it the fruity flavour of sangria or the vibrant taste of New York Sour, there is a classic wine cocktail for every mood and for every occasion. Since we all love wine so much and it is the occasion of National Wine Day, let us talk about 6 classic wine cocktails that you can try this weekend. You can thank us later! 


Sangria is one of the most popular wine cocktails that exist. This refreshing and fruity wine cocktail originated in Spain and is a pretty perfect symphony of flavours. Featuring red or white wine-soaked fruits, splashes of bandy and sweeteners, sangria is what you need this weekend. 

New York Sour 

If you are looking for a wine cocktail that is bold and complex, you need to take a sip of New York Sour. With a whiskey sour layer with red wine floating on the top, this cocktail has sweet tart and perfectly balanced flavour. This bright two-layered cocktail is a must try.  

Kir Royale 

A delightful concoction of sparkling wine or champagne with crème de cassis, this French cocktail is simple but with complex flavours. This cocktail is a modern take on the Kir which is a popular French drink made with dry white Burgundian wine and crème de cassis.  


A perfect blend of sparkling wine with orange, mimosa is a cocktail perfect for a celebratory toast or brunch. This light and bubbly cocktail can set the mood right, believe me! Why don’t you have this for the weekend brunch? 


Originating in Italy, Bellini is a sophisticated and elegant cocktail made with prosecco and peach puree. With a sweet and velvety taste, this wine cocktail is delicate and too easy to make. 

Wine Margarita 

If margarita defines your love for cocktail, you must try wine margarita. For a unique and classic take on the classic, you just need to replace the tequila with white wine with a hint of lime juice and some sweetness for the perfect refreshing flavour. 

Aren’t these wine cocktails amazing? What do you think??