Winter Special: Try These Easy And Tasty Indian Soups At Home
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Soup is considered to be the most satisfying appetizer. It is a flavoursome broth made with vegetables, fish, meat, or grains in specific amounts. Besides, being the simplest way to cook, soup is one of the healthiest dishes that can be served even to people having various ailments. The word soup has been derived from the French word “soupe.” The word has its origin from Vulgar Latin term “suppa” which means a piece of bread upon which broth (water or stock) was poured. 

Food historians state that ancient Greece is the first country to drink soup. Initially, it was considered that boiling meat and vegetables when boiled in water release their nutrients into the water, thus producing the healthiest food of all time. Moreover, many nations have discovered the importance of soup, especially during colds and flu.

History of soup

The culinary art of cooking soup emerged around 20,000 BC. It is assumed that people started cooking broths with the discovery of mud vessels or clay pots. Also, some food historians mention that soup became part of the regular meal in many civilization from 6000 BC.

Over time, soup also emerged in quality and quantity. The addition of spices, aromatics, and ingredients grants a specific flavour which makes the soup tastier. Previously soup was considered to be a meal for poor people and patients. However, now it has emerged as the royal buffet sharing the table with other food items in a royal buffet.

Health benefits of soup

Soup helps in stimulating the digestive process. It is believed that a bowl of warm soup helps in preparing the stomach for the dishes that follow. Notably, soup is a nutritious dish with few calories that do not add to the body weight. 

Soup is light and enables you not to overeat. Thus liquid foods like these prevent obesity as they can stretch the muscles in the stomach. 

Soup has been a popular appetizer in Indian houses as well as restaurants. The Indianised touch given to the soup with spices gives a special flavour and aroma to the soup.

Here are some of the popular Indian soups you would like to gulp in:

1. Chettinad Chicken Rasam: It is a spicy rasam that comes in handy during a cough and cold. Besides, this soup is made in temples like Kali Kovil during Poosai Poduthal when they sacrifice a chicken and later served it as a prasad. It can be served with steamed rice as well as Elai Vadam.

2. Kozhi Kurumulak Soup: Also called chicken and black pepper soup, it is filled with several flavours of shallots, cumin, and lots of black pepper which is either crushed or powdered. This soup is mostly pressure cooked where all the ingredients including cumin seeds, garlic paste, shallots, curry leaves are sauted. Following this add the chicken pieces, and pressure cook till two whistles. Serve hot.

3. Naatu Kozhi Rasam: This chicken soup is from Tamil Nadu and is one of the most flavourful recipes of all time. This rasam is a popular remedy for those suffering from cold and cough. This is different from other chicken rasam where marination is needed. It can be served with rice along with some crispy appams/papads.

4. Mutton Stew: It is a popular Keralaian recipe which is also called Mutton Ishtu and can be made at home easily. The soup is filled with several healthful properties. The blend of coconut milk along with onion, ginger-garlic, and spices gives a special flavour to the recipe. 

5. Chicken Mulligatawny Soup: This is an Anglo-Indian dish which got adapted from the Tamil soup Milagu Thanni. ‘Milagu’ means pepper whereas ‘Thanni’ means water. This soup is hot and spicy having flavours of chilli pepper and not black pepper.

6. Mutton Paya Soup: This East Indian soup is made from the legs of a lamb or trotter. It is best for the nourishment of kids as well as old people. The legs of lamb or trotters are tenderized to such an extent that the juice is extracted from them and mixed it water. The ground spices add a special aroma to the soup.