Winter Snacks From Madhya Pradesh You Just Can’t Miss

During winter, we get to eat some amazing, hot and crunchy snacks that we all wait for. Among many such places that offer such delicious winter snacks is the heart of India i.e. Madhya Pradesh. Those who live in this historical state or have been to Madhya Pradesh in winters, know what we are talking about. So, here is the list of some snacks which can make your winters amazing. Have a look. 


Garadu is one such snack that you can only find in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore and nowhere else. Made up of yam, this amazing snack is saviour for winters. Many foodies rush to Indore’s Sarafa Bazar to have this amazing snack consisting of fried cubes of Garadu sprinkled with hot and tangy spices and garnished with coriander and lemon juice. Don’t miss it if you are travelling to Indore. 

                        Image credits: Youtube/Chatpata Safar


This winter specialty has our heart for a reason. This is a signature sweet from Morena and is mostly made up of roasted sesame or peanuts & cashew, jaggery and ghee. Gajak is commonly found everywhere in Madhya Pradesh and is available in different flavors.  

Doodh & Jalebi 

Is there anything better than a glass of hot milk paired with jalebis? Madhya Pradesh’s Khandwa is known for serving the best jalebi doodh which is considered a best breakfast. You can find doodh jalebi almost anywhere in Madhya Pradesh but the best you will get in Khandwa. 

Green Chickpeas (Hola) 

Winter snacking that too in Madhya Pradesh is worth trying. Often sold along with their branches that they grow, people enjoy these green chickpeas to the fullest. Usually sold on the roadside, this can be enjoyed either by roasting or can be consumed even raw. Must try. 

Poha Jalebi 

Poha jalebi could be the best thing you ever have on this planet. And when in Madhya Pradesh, this is something you should not miss. Considered an ideal breakfast option, one can have a plate full of poha jalebi on a chilly winter day. Often topped with mixture, chopped onion, and coriander, these can steal your heart. 

So, have a look at this quick guide and thank us later. How many of these snacks have your tried? Do let us know.