Winter Is Coming! Be Watchful About What You Feed Yourself
Image Credit: Unhealthy hot beverages, Image Source: Pexels

We all love the colder months, feeling cosy in our winter clothes, sitting by the firewood and pampering ourselves with something warm and comforting. But do you know that people get fatter during the winter season? The reason could be anything, starting from all the feast-based festivals to the reduced amount of workout clubbed with faulty food and beverage choices. 

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in the year 2000 says that although we barely gain about a pound or so during the winter, such putting-on can be a primary culprit for obesity later in life. Therefore, it is always important to check what to avoid and what to eat and drink.

Read on to know the dos and don'ts during this time.

Hot Beverages

Hot chocolate, Image Source: Pexels

Nothing can be more comforting and indulging than a large cup of hot chocolate on a chilly morning. However, such treats can contribute highly to sudden weight gain. Similarly, the milk and refined sugar-laden several cups of coffee and tea harm us. Thus, it would be better if such drinks could be substituted with herbal teas. Or else you can consume the former kinds of hot beverages less.

Dairy Products

Who doesn't like creamy milky dairy products when the climate outside makes us feel a tad gloomy emotionally? It will be healthier if we reduce our dairy intake during the winter. Dairy products, including butter, cheese etc., can cause increased nose, throat, and chest congestion. Stay away from cream-based soups and sauces. Vegetable/broth/tomato-based soups and sauces are good alternatives.

Fried Nibbles

Deep-fried potato rings, Image Source: Pexels

You must have observed that we often give in to the craving for something hot and crispy during this phase. The choices we make as fried foods like hot chips or fish fries are high in calories and trans fats, which can be fattening. Fret not! You can enjoy all those tasty bites by applying various other preparation methods like grilling, baking, boiling or sautéing. Also, try serving these healthy snacks with a side salad, fresh lemon, and herbs.

White Sugar

It is a highly refined and pure chemical product which can lead to a deficiency of many vital nutrients plus a weak immune system. White sugar is highly found in soft drinks, chocolates, bread, cakes, breakfast cereals and many other supermarket products. While procuring edibles, do check the labels to note the sugar content. Maple syrup, stevia or honey is suitable substitutes if consumed within limits.

 White Flour

Dough with white flour, Image Source: Pexels

Synthetic B vitamins and bleach are two primary components used in producing white flour. These two are toxic to the body. Moreover, since white flour is deprived of fibre, it can cause blockages in the large intestine. Since we tend to resort to several baked treats like cakes, muffins and bread, the base ingredient is constantly refined flour. Consider almond flour or spelt flour can be good alternatives.