Why Your Salted Biscuits And Crackers Never Have Smooth Edges?

The internet never fails to amuse us, but we love it when it turns out to be informative. One of the latest viral videos on TikTok, that is blowing people’s minds answers the question that has puzzled most of us since childhood, but not many of us took the extra effort to get to the bottom of it. And the question is, why do salted biscuits and crackers have ridged ends?  

Come to think of it, these are also biscuits, and most traditional biscuits and cookies have smooth ends, whether they are round or rectangle. But what’s with the peculiar criss-cross pattern at the edges of your favourite crackers? Sure, they look pretty, but did you know the ridged edges serve a bigger purpose than that.  

A TikTok star with an account named ‘theritzcrackersofficial’ attempted to give the answer to the question and the real reason may just blow your mind. As it turns out, these patterns are there to help you cut the cheese on your cheese platters or charcuterie boards. That’s right, in a typical cheese platter, in addition of cheese, you find various other snacks like crackers, nuts and fruits. The whole idea to have a wine and cheese with friends is to sit back, indulge and enjoy. Instead of using your bare hands to tear a piece of cheese or a knife, you can just use these biscuits and crackers to get the job done. Easy, peasy, right? In the video, she further revealed, how they are designed like natural ‘pizza-cutters’ to cut the slices of cheese so that they fit perfectly on top of the biscuits. Now, isn’t that amazing.  

While you can easily find these crackers in any supermarket or grocery store, you would also be surprised to know that these are also incredibly easy to make at home. Here’s a recipe you will enjoy.