Why And How To Select A Portable Travel Blender?
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Kitchen tools and equipment aren't for fancy. At times they can be such bliss to own them. One such device is a portable blender. It is the ideal option for people who don't have enough counter space in their kitchen to store a large blender. In the meanwhile, it is also perfect for frequent travellers. A portable blender is the best choice if you are addicted to having an iced drink, latte, morning smoothie or healthy soup. In simpler terms, a portable blender is a compact one that can be carried wherever you go. It is equally essential to know why and how to choose the right portable blender.  

Weigh its weight and size

It's a wise idea to go with something that's on the lighter side, especially if you're searching for a vacation choice. Take note of its weight. It is best to avoid heavier ones. That is less crucial if you intend to keep it out on your kitchen counter. Make sure they're also large enough to handle your ingredients and preferred drink quantity. However, they shouldn't be enormous, as it would make them difficult to pack in a bag.

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Pay attention to the motor's power

Consider what you enjoy making in your blender and make your choice based on that. Not all portable blenders can chop larger bits of frozen fruit, leafy greens or blend ice. This affects when the motor's power is taken into account. Ideally, it should be 1200 watts to perform seamlessly. By examining a blender's watts, RPMs, or revolutions per minute, you may determine its power. The unit will be more potent the higher these numbers are. You'll need a powerful portable blender to blend tough items like ice.

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Source of power

For travel cordless solutions that can be charged through USB or USCB are ideal. You can use the port on your computer to charge them. A few types are wholly cordless and battery-powered in the meantime. These are additional benefits for anyone searching for a basic and clean design. Consider how much use you'll get out of each charge. Many devices may be used up to ten times on a single charge, saving you the trouble of repeatedly putting it into recharge.

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Hot or cold compatibility

For the type of meals, you want to blend, check the material, designs, and functionality. Some blenders perform better with cold recipes but poorly with hot food. If you prepare more soups than smoothies, you shouldn't choose a blender that isn't made for hot liquids.

Non-skidding base

Many portable blenders often wobble while performing their function. It might turn into a perilous and messy situation. Try to find a base with non-slip feet to minimise slipping and skidding during blending. If making smoothies for two, choose a cup with a 20-ounce capacity.


Scores high on disassembly

Ensure that it is simple to disassemble every part. Even cleaning the blender is aided by this. You get extra perks if the cups, lids, and blades can all be washed in the dishwasher.

Dishwasher proof

Look for blenders that have cups, lids, and blades that can all go in the dishwasher. Since the cups include certain crevices around the edges that can be difficult to clean otherwise, it lessens your stress about washing.