Woman Prepares Latte In World’s Smallest Blender; Amuses Netizens
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

Shopping for home and kitchen appliances is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do. Personally, I struggle to do it. With so many technicalities, choices, competitive pricing and usage involved, I can easily get carried away and perhaps make the wrong choice. In a general setup, what do you think is the criteria to buy a kitchen appliance? A trusted brand, good reviews, good quality and, most importantly, efficiency. While most of us have these fixed set of needs and tick off these boxes every time we shop, some customers have an entirely different set of criteria to fulfil. For instance, actor and content creator Mireya Rios likes to buy objects that are either too big or too small. Amused? Well, there’s more. 

One look at her Instagram profile and you’ll be intrigued. And out of the many such videos, one that is currently making everyone wonder is the one where she uses the world’s smallest blender to prepare latte. Yes, you read that right. Didn’t we all think blenders are always bulky and heavy? Well, seems like we didn’t research well because one look at this blender is going to turn your life around. This product might look like a cartoonish miniature of the same to you, but what blew our mind is that it actually does work. 

The woman not only found the world’s smallest blender, but also used it to make Matcha latte for herself. While we sure know that it might not be able to blend chutneys and sauces in it, but we are all up for a shot glass of matcha latte, aren’t we? Mireya tried making a latte in the blender and it worked just fine. The video has intrigued viewers worldwide and has received over a million views by now. Take a look at it:


While to me it didn’t look any more than a kitchen set toy we used to have as kids, but the moment it started to actually work, I was impressed. And so were many on the internet. However, others stated that the product is merely mixing in the ingredients and not ‘blending’ anything as it should be. Some of the top comments left on the post were: 

"I thought It was a mask blender, for food I have my full-size blender". 

"OMG things I didn't know I needed!" 

"She says 'It's literally blending' Nah girl...It's mixing at the best". 

"That's sooo cute!". 

"Literally struggle to get smooth blend for the normal size blender so I wouldn't consider having a tiny blender, except for fun". 

"I thought It was a mask blender, for food I have my full-size blender". 

"U can do the same thing with a spoon". 

"My daughter's toy blender does the same". 

"Finally I can make smoothies for the mice". 

Speaking of miniature wonders, did you know we too have a bunch of food bloggers doing the same in India too? A miniature pressure cooker for cooking rice, a kadhai the size of a strawberry, and so much more, have a look at some miniature Indian cooking right here:

What do you think about these miniature pieces of equipment? Let us know.