5 Foods You Should Avoid Putting In Your Blender
Image Credit: Freepik.com

Several gadgets or appliances in the kitchen have made cooking very easy, and now without them, our life seems incomplete. One such appliance is your blender, in which you can blend so many things in a jiffy. Be it chutneys, smoothies, mixing ingredients, or making a paste, your blender makes everything possible. Your blender is multi-purpose but comes with a few limitations. For example, do you know some foods can damage your blender? Let's learn about such items today.

  1. Frozen items: To make smoothies, you also take frozen fruits or other objects and put them in the blender. Don't do that at all. Too many frozen things are complex and can break the blender's blades. Your container may also be damaged. Even if the blender runs properly, hard frozen items may not blend easily. Try letting most frozen fruits reach room temperature before putting them in the blender.
  2. Whole spices: Are you one of those who try to blend unsuspecting spices into their blender? If so, it would help if you avoided it. This is because the blender's blades are not solid enough to grind the whole spices well. Apart from this, it does not become that smooth even if a powder is made. That's why it is better to use a spice blender specially made for grinding whole spices.
  3. Ice cubes: Blending ice cubes in a regular blender is tricky, as its blades aren't made to blend hard and solid items. If you do this, you may end up with uneven pieces, or the sharpness of your blades may be affected. In addition, blender blades can even break. Hence, you must read the instruction manual and blend your food items accordingly.
  4. Bones: Large bones (like chicken or pork) should never be put in a blender as they can jam and break the blades. Food items like small fish that don't have large, thick bones can still clog your blades. If you ever want to blend the fish, remove the bones and add an equal amount of water to work without getting jammed.
  5. Hot items: Do you cook and immediately put the tomato chutney in a blender to grind? If so, it can be dangerous. Putting hot things or liquids in the blender will create pressure in your blender, causing an explosion. If you have to blend hot things, use an emulsion blender or let your food items cool down.