Whiskey 101: Answering The 6 Most Frequently Asked Questions
Image Credit: Pexels

Getting back home after countless meetings, making hundreds of amends for the clients, and travelling for hours, the exhaustion can truly take the most out of you. And just as a part of the routine, you might pour a glass of whiskey while sitting in front of the television to unwind. But did you know the difference between “whiskey” and “whisky”? 

Whiskey, the golden alcoholic beverage with a bold flavour, has been prevalent across the globe and has transcended through the generations. But it is not merely a drink; it is a symbol of culture, tradition, and fine craftsmanship. If you’re new to drinking whiskey or often pour a dram with a light dinner, here are the answers to some of the most interesting and frequently asked questions.

How Is Whiskey Made

Whiskey, the distilled spirit, is made by fermenting grains like wheat, corn, barley, or rye. The process of making whiskey starts by mashing and malting the grains, which converts starch into sugar. Then, the mashed grains are fermented with yeast, converting the formed sugar to alcohol. Finally, the fermented liquid is distilled, which helps to concentrate the alcohol and create raw whiskey. The whiskey is then stored in wooden barrels to let it age and inherit its bold flavour.

What's The Difference Between Whiskey And Whisky?

You might have noticed both “whiskey” and “whisky” while exploring the alcohol aisle. While both the spellings are right, the only difference between the two is geography. If the drink is sourced from the United States of America or Ireland, it’s spelt “whiskey.” Similarly, if it is made in regions like Scotland, Canada, or Japan, the favoured spellings are “whisky.” So, while there is no difference in its constituents, you can choose for yourself which flavours you like the most.

What Are the Different Types of Whiskey?

Whiskey, being a centuries-old traditional drink, has many types based on different ways of production and characteristics. Some of the most widely recognised types are:

Scotch: As the name suggests, Scotch is sourced from Scotland. It is known to have a smoky flavour, which comes from the use of peat while malting whiskey.

Bourbon: Bourbon is a type of American whiskey which has a sweeter taste with a touch of caramel and vanilla. It is made from mushed corn and stored in charred oak barrels.

Rye Whiskey: Rye whiskey, made from the rye grain, is known for its rather bold and spicy flavours. 

Irish Whiskey: Irish whiskey is produced in Ireland. It is a triple-distilled whiskey, which gives it a milder, smoother, and fruitier flavour than other types of whiskeys.

Is There A Right Way To Taste Whiskey?

Just like the swirl and sip method of wine, there is a way of tasting whiskey to enjoy the maximum flavours.

  1. The first step is to choose a glass and pour a small amount of whiskey.
  2. Next, swirl the whiskey in the glass to enjoy the fragrance.
  3. Sniff the whiskey and try to identify subtle flavours like vanilla, caramel, fruit, etc.
  4. Now, take a small sip and coat your tongue with the rich flavours.
  5. Hold it in your mouth, enjoying the flavours, then swallow and enjoy the aftertaste.

What Is The Best Way To Drink Whiskey?

There are many ways in which people enjoy whiskey. Be it neat, adding some water, soda, or even cocktails, how whiskey is consumed varies greatly and depends on personal preferences. If you like a subtle flavour, you can have whiskey on the rocks by adding ice cubes and diluting it with water. For a more sweetened or elevated flavour, you can add soda and other ingredients to make cocktails like Whiskey Sour or Old Fashioned. The key is to keep experimenting, and you’ll know what fits perfectly with your palette. 

Which Form Of Whiskey Is Right For You?

Since there are a lot many types of whiskey available, choosing the right whiskey can be quite a task. But if there’s one thing that you should keep in mind, it is your preference, taste, and occasion. If you are just starting out with whiskey, try the milder version, like bourbon. For someone who likes the bold flavours, you can go for Scotch. Similarly, if you’re having a house party, don't forget to pick out some ingredients to make cocktails and have a blast.