Was Gin Used For Medical Purposes? 6 More FAQs Answered
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The G from people’s favourite G&T is the famous spirit – Gin. And it’s not like any other alcohol; the history of gin dates back to ancient times when it was used for medicinal purposes. Made with several natural ingredients like fruits, it helps you delve into a burst of flavour. When you take a sip, you can taste all sorts of interesting things like berries, flowers, and even spices. 

But would gin float your boat? Is it on the sweeter side of the palette, or rather bitter? What cocktails can be made from it, and so on? If you’re new to the drinking game or just an enthusiast, this article has all the most frequently asked questions about gin all in one place! 

#1 What Is Gin?

Gin is an alcoholic beverage whose flavour is most recognised from juniper berries and natural ingredients like coriander, citrus peel,  and several herbs and spices. It is made by distillation of grains like wheat and barley, along with other botanicals, depending on the flavour. Even though the flavour of juniper berries remains constant for each bottle of gin, its versatility allows to addition of other fruits to enhance or provide a range of flavours.

#2 Are Gin And Vodka The Same Thing?

It is easy to get confused between gin and vodka, as both of them are clear spirits. However, they have many key differentiators, like their flavours and the way of production. While gin has a grain base that is infused with juniper berries and other botanicals, vodka does not have any added flavours and comes in the category of neutral spirit. 

#3 What Are Some Popular Gin Cocktails?

Gin and Tonic: Gin and Tonic, better known as G&T, is a classic cocktail whose major ingredient is gin. It is made by adding tonic water, gin, and lemon juice and is usually served with a lime wedge.

Martini: Martini is a timeless cocktail that is perfect for a night out or for a fun day at the beach. Martini is usually made with gin and dry vermouth, which works best when garnished with lemon or an olive stick.

Negroni: Negroni is a bold and bitter cocktail that is made with equal parts of gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. People who like hardcore cocktails or drinks enjoy Negroni, that’s served with an orange twist.

Tom Collins: Tom Collins is more on the celebratory side of the cocktails. This sparkling cocktail is made by mixing gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and soda. With a layer of ice cubes and lemon or cherry garnishing, it’s great to make a toast to gin.

#4 How Should Gin Be Stored?

Even though gin has a typically long shelf, there are certain things you should keep in mind while storing and serving gin. Always ensure that you’re storing a bottle of gin in a cool and dark place. Also, avoid that there is no scope of direct sunlight or heat that can affect the flavours of gin. Apart from this, once you open a bottle of gin, to get the best of its flavours, consume it within the same year.

#5 Can Gin Be Enjoyed Neat?

Ever since ancient times, gin was enjoyed neat without adding any other flavour or beverage. So yes, you can still enjoy neat gin, and you can actually taste the rich berry flavours. However, if you’re a fan of mixology, cocktails are a great way to infuse gin with abundant flavours, soda, fruits, other spirits, and whatnot.

#6 Is Gin Good For You?

Even though gin was used for medicinal purposes in the earlier centuries, there’s no alcohol-based drink that has some health benefits attached to it. So, you need to drink it responsibly and in moderation. It’s true that gin’s ingredients include berries and botanicals, but it should not be treated as a health drink. Thus, you can enjoy gin neat or as a part of a cocktail occasionally by being mindful of the side effects of alcohol consumption in general.