Which Tastes Better, Bottled Beer Or Draught Beer?

The flavours of beer vary depending on whether you pour it straight from the bottle or from a tap in a brewery. One of the most traditional, well-liked, and frequently ingested beverages in the world is beer. Beer aficionados will undoubtedly accord with us that beer, whether in bottles or on draught, is a beverage that brings people together. However, have you ever noticed how much better draught beer tastes than bottled beer? Ever wonder why the taste differs despite the fact that both contain the same grain and flavours? Well, this piece will undoubtedly walk you through some tips that explain the key distinction between the two and why they taste so different. 


The majority of draught beers are maintained at a constant pressure and temperature, which aids in preserving the drink's natural flavour and taste. While the bottled beer is frequently stored in the fridge or even on a shelf, which dulls the flavour notes of the beverage. What is surprising is that the components in draught beer are more likely to oxidise when they are tapped while still maintaining flavour. This is because draught beer sells more quickly than anyone could ever conceive, which reduces the chances of oxidation. The beer in the bottles has been exposed to sunshine while being stored on a shelf for a number of days, which completely alters the situation. 

Hops Quantity 

When it comes to the flavour, aroma, and even the bitterness of a beer, hops are crucial. Many of you may not be aware of this, but beer oxidises when it is exposed to light. The hops are killed during this process, giving beer its bitter flavour. The only explanation for why most bottled beer tastes more bitter than draught beer is this. However, draught beer has a fresher flavour than bottled beer because of the high concentration of hops that are present in it. 


Many of you may not be aware of this fact, but those who sell draught beer pour more than those who sell beer in bottles, and this has a significant impact on the flavour of this well-liked beverage. When draught beer is regularly poured from kegs into large glasses and comes into contact with air, the carbon dioxide in it evaporates, removing the fizz. Because of this, draught beer has a smoother flavour than bottled beer. People prefer to drink draught beer over bottled beer because the latter has more carbon dioxide and, consequently, more fizz.