What Makes Cheese The Most Stolen Food Item In The World

From theft to perjury, food apparently has the power to make us cross the line.Say, we go ahead and commit a theft. What would you run off with? A box of saffron or some exotic seafood? Or maybe, candies and munchies? Actually, not. You’ll be shocked to know that the answer is cheese. This dairy product is one of the most stolen food items in the world. 

The tag of the world’s most stolen food is attributed to the estimate that at least 4% of the cheese produced is stolen. There are numerous instances of stealing cheese, the top remains the one when in 2016, a gang of thieves stole cheese worth $160,000. The cheesemaker also announced a reward of £500 for anyone who could find the thieves. According to a report by the UK’s Centre for Retail Research, which polled 1187 shops representing 2,50,000 retail stores from 43 countries, cheese is more likely to be stolen than chocolate or wine. Sounds unbelievable, right? Wait, there’s more.

If we try to find the possible reasons behind this, the top cause will be that cheese is still considered one of the most luxurious foods in the world, which is still inaccessible to many. In countries where a particular food is considered a luxury, people are willing to pay a higher sum for it. This is why most people rob the food article and sell it at a higher price in the black market.

Surprised enough? Well, now that you have read so much about cheese, we know you must be craving cheesy delights. Head to our site and try some delicious cheesy recipes to satisfy your palate.