What Is The Blue Pea Dosa Going Viral On The Internet
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South Indian cuisine is the food that comforts our souls. It’s also an umbrella term used for multiple cuisines from different South Indian states like Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and others. Not only is the food tasty, but it is also quite healthy which is why it can be easily incorporated into our diet. In the past few years, many people have made their versions of South Indian Food to make it more interesting and flavourful. Recently a new way of making Dosa has been all over the internet and has become a topic of discussion. What has made it so viral and trendy is its blue colour. One can get a blue colour in the Dosa by using butterfly pea flower extract in the dosa flour. 

As per the circulated recipe, we see the person boiling some butterfly pea flowers in some water. After some time the water turns deep blue. The deep blue extract is then strained into a bowl and combined with the already prepared Dosa batter. The Dosa batter is mixed properly and it turns into a dark blue colour batter. Now the Dosa is cooked on a pan with some oil and the result is a blue Dosa which looks very interesting.

So far the video has reached 1 million views and the comment section is flooded with mixed reviews. Many people are excited to taste the Dosa whereas others find it visually disturbing. A large section of people are feeling that this is a disrespect to the conventional Dosa recipe and trends like these should be stopped immediately. Some people are concerned about the addition of butterfly flower extract. Scientifically butterfly flower extract has a lot of health benefits and can help cure a lot of problems related to the body. 

It is also used in the manufacturing of a lot of natural dyes, textiles, drinks and food items. The flowers are also brewed in the making of herbal tea and other ingredients like honey and lemon. 

Let us look at some of the benefits of adding butterfly pea flower to your Dosa.

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* Good for skin and hair

If you directly apply the butterfly pea extract to your skin, then it can increase the hydration of your skin by 70% after one hour of application. It is also used in a lot of hair oils to promote hair growth and combat hair loss. Because it is rich in a multitude of oxidants, it promotes hair health and skin health.

* Accelerates metabolic system

Butterfly pea flower extract can also accelerate your metabolic system if you're trying to lose weight. It helps in the blocking of the synthesis of fat cells in your body and creates pathways involved in cell progression. So if you are trying to lose some weight, then including butterfly pea flower extract can be a great option.

* Rich in antioxidants

Butterfly pea flower extract is also rich in antioxidants so it is always beneficial to inculcate in your diet. Any deficiency related to antioxidants can be cured with the help of butterfly pea flower extract.

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This means that adding butterfly pea flower extract to your Dosa is extremely harmless. It is a good idea if you are looking forward to improving your health and adding some more nutrients to your food.

Time and again, we have seen many such recipes on the internet. Some of these popular varieties of Dosas are Pizza Dosa, Noodle Dosa, Egg Dosa, Pasta Dosa, Ragi Dosa, Jowar Dosa, Oats Dosa, Chinese Dosa and so many others. Many people tend to enjoy these new interventions whereas others do not accept them with open arms and this time, the Internet remains divided when it comes to these unconventional recipes.