What Is Marjoram Tea? Here’s All You Need To Know About This Wonder Beverage

If there’s anything that can create a storm among beverage aficionados, it’s got to be tea or coffee. Speaking from a chai lover’s perspective, there is nothing in the world that a hot cup of chai can’t fix. And when it comes to it, we can ditch just about everything under the sun for a cuppa. A good blend of tea can fix any mood. 

People’s love for tea has transcended boundaries and now tea aficionados are trying out a variety of herbal teas. Needless to say, these varieties have a unique aroma and flavour that can woo even the simplest of minds. On today’s journey to the beverage world, we are going to explore a herbal tea that has gained popularity due to its subtly sweet flavour, drool-worthy aroma and nutritional benefits. This tisane is derived by steeping the marjoram herb in water.

Hailing from the mint family, marjoram is a herb that has a unique aroma. It’s cultivated in the Mediterranean region, parts of north Africa and western Asia. The flavour of the herb is also often confused with oregano. However, the taste of marjoram is slightly mild and delicate.

Marjoram tea is a tisane and is undoubtedly healthier than regular tea leaves. The infusion is nutritionally rich and fragrant. This tea is rich in antioxidants and is dense with vitamin A and C. It is believed to help cure several health issues - including improving digestion, speeding up metabolism and reducing menstrual cramps.

To make marjoram tea, add water to a pan, bring it to boil and add marjoram leaves. Allow the flavours of the leaves to seep into the water, then strain the hot and fragrant tea into a cup. Finish the tea with a dash of nutmeg and a drizzle of honey for sweetness.

Do try the fragrant and flavourful tea at home and let us know how you like it.