What Is Laal Saag And Why To Cook It In Winters?
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Winter brings so many seasonal vegetables into the market and we get the opportunity to make numerous winter special dishes at home. One of the highlights of the winter season is the Saag recipe that is famously cooked in most Indian households. While Saag comes in various varieties, most people are only aware of some common types like Bathua, Sarso and Spinach. One of the hidden gems of the Saag family is the Laal Saag which has still not got the recognition that it deserves. If you have never heard of the Laal Sag before, then it is time that you get to know about this wonderful vegetable and its nutritional benefits. Here are the top reasons why Laag Saag should be on your winter menu this season.

* Nutrients

Laag Saag is red and is a nutritional powerhouse as it has vitamin A, vitamin C, fibre, iron and calcium. It provides multiple benefits to your body and is the perfect dish to maintain your immunity during the winter season. It also acts as a protective shield against any viral or bacterial disease and the chances of getting sick become minimal if you consume Laal Saag in generous quantities during the winter season.

* Improves Digestive Health

Being rich in fibre, Laal Saag also helps in improving the digestive health of the body. If you are suffering from problems like constipation and gas, then it can help you in getting relief without taking any medicines. Laal saag is also very easy on the stomach so you don't have to make an extra effort to digest this in your body. You can have this with chapatis or even rice and it will be a proper balanced meal.

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* Good For Vision

Laal Saag is also very rich in vitamin A which is important for maintaining good eye health. Laal Saag contributes towards strengthening your eyesight and preventing any kind of eye-related problem that you might face. In today's world where we have constant exposure towards bright light on screens, the chances of ruining our eyesight are increasing day by day. So it becomes extremely important that we eat food that is high in vitamin A to maintain the health of our eyes.

*  Blood Purifier

Laal Saag is also a great blood purifier and has all the necessary blood-purifying properties. It also contributes towards healthier skin and prevents acne breakouts. If you are dealing with troubled skin, then we would recommend you to start eating Laal Saag as it is very beneficial for your health. You will see visible changes in the health of your skin, hair and nails because of the Vitamin C that is high in Laal Saag. 

* Improves Haemoglobin Levels

Being rich in iron, Laal saag also contributes towards boosting haemoglobin levels in your body. If you are suffering from extreme iron deficiency, then we would recommend you opt for Lal Saag as no artificial supplements can fulfil your necessary iron intake except healthy and organic green vegetables. Laag Saag can help you overcome any problem related to fatigue or weakness that is a sign of acute iron deficiency. 


* Better Appetite 

Laal Saag also contributes towards improving the appetite of an individual and can stimulate your hunger in general as well. If you have a problem of feeling less hungry and not having the appetite then instead of taking any artificial stimulants or steroids to increase your food intake, try eating Laal Saag. It might prove to be beneficial in helping you feel hungry. Instead of going for artificial medicines, one must always try looking for healthier and organic substitutes.

* Easy To Cook And Delicious 

Laal Saag is a very delicious recipe that you can enjoy with parathas, rotis and makki ki roti. If you want, you can also eat it with fresh rice. The recipe to make Laal saag is very easy and you can conveniently make it at home with some simple vegetables without making any extra effort. It is also very nutritious and you can add some extra ingredients like corn and potatoes to make it more fulfilling.

These are some of the top reasons why you must include Laal Saag in your winter menu. If you haven't tried making this recipe at home then we recommend you to try this at least once because not only is it delicious but also very nutritious for your body.