When I hear the word saag, it reminds me of the iconic Bollywood saga Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ). The gripping scene where Simran aka Kajol is running towards her love interest, Raj aka Shahrukh Khan, all I’m noticing is the huge sarson ka khet in the background. And then there are many such movies shot in Punjab and Haryana, which showcase the large production of saag in fields there. 

Another thing that strikes with this word is the famous dish, Sarson ka Saag and Makki ki Roti. A winter staple in most of North India, this dish is relished by people of all cultures and backgrounds. However, there might be some of us who still aren’t adept with the taste but the nutritional benefits make a good food choice. 

So, if you wish to eat your greens and relish them too, try these protein-based recipes to give it a tasty turn. 

1. Chicken Saagwala 

         Source: Karma Indian Restaurant/Facebook 

Often a part of the elaborate North Indian wedding menus, this saag recipe is a delight for non-vegetarians. A thick paste of saag is prepared and tender chicken pieces are added to it to make this a wholesome affair. Have it with chapatti or tandoori roti and enjoy. 

2. Saag Gosht 

         Source: Madina Food Services/Facebook 

Not a fan of chicken? This beef and spinach recipe is an ideal choice for you then. A nice spinach curry made by grinding spinach leaves, beef and lamb both work well with this dish. 

3. Lamb Shanks with Saag 

          Source: Additive Free Lifestyle/Facebook 

A loved winter delicacy, tender lamb shanks are the protein used in this saag recipe. You can use mutton (goat meat) in case lamb shanks aren’t available. Enjoy it with plain roti and jeera rice. 

You can add tofu or paneer to your saag and relish a nice vegetarian dish too.