What Is Bulletproof Coffee And Is It Worth Trying Out?
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Bullet-proof coffee is a new trend that has recently become very popular, especially among celebrities who have started incorporating it into their diet. It is a high-calorie drink which intends to substitute a heavy breakfast. While the coffee is very high in calories and gives energy, there is no scientific evidence that it is a healthy replacement for breakfast. As per experts, it is alright to consume it sometimes for taste, but one should not make it a part of their diet.

Bulletproof coffee is prepared by mixing 1 cup of freshly brewed black coffee. Now you have to add 1 tablespoon of grass-fed and unsalted butter or ghee to it. Now add one or two tablespoons of Medium-chain triglycerides oil to it. MCT oil gives an instant boost of energy to the body.

The coffee was initially introduced by Dave Asprey, who is the creator of a bullet-proof diet. The brand of coffee being marketed by Asprey is supposedly free of mycotoxins. These are the naturally present fungal toxins that are present in stored foods.

Bullet-proof coffee is becoming excessively popular among people who follow low-carb diets. Drinking it occasionally is harmless but again something as strong as a bulletproof coffee is not recommended regularly.

Here are the top reasons why you must avoid drinking a bullet-proof coffee

* Low in nutrients

Many companies that sell bullet-proof coffee recommend people to substitute it with their breakfast. Although bullet-proof coffee does have a lot of fat that helps reduce your appetite and gives you energy, it doesn't have the other necessary nutrients that must be present in your breakfast. Having a complete breakfast is very important and drinking something unhealthy like a coffee is not a good breakfast option. Most adults have three meals in a day and replacing coffee with your breakfast will reduce your nutrient intake by one-third.

* High levels of saturated fats

Bullet-proof coffee also contains high levels of saturated fats. Many studies have shown that consuming higher levels of saturated fats can always lead to the risk of heart disease and is not good for your body. While there are divided opinions about the intake and health benefits of saturated fats, it is always good to consume everything in moderation. It is not good to consume anything beyond a reasonable extent. 

* High cholesterol levels.

If you already face problems related to high cholesterol levels, you should skip this coffee. Most low-carb diets in the modern-day world lead to higher cholesterol levels. Drinking this coffee may lead to instant weight drop and a rise in your cholesterol level, which is not at all healthy for your body. Also, the way that everyone's body reacts to a low-carb diet is very different. Just because this coffee might have worked out for one of your colleagues or friends doesn't mean that it will work out for you.

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Is bullet-proof coffee recommended for anyone?

Bullet-proof coffee might work for some people who do not already have higher cholesterol levels. If you are trying to lose weight then this is one thing that might work out for you because it doesn't make you fool early in the morning and you can skip a heavy breakfast. It might help lose weight quickly by drinking it with a well-balanced lunch and dinner diet. but one must avoid drinking this coffee in the long run because it can lead to a decreased value of nutrition in your food.

Bullet-proof coffee might also help you improve your workouts, but there are always healthier alternatives to this unhealthy energy-boosting coffee. Bullet-proof coffee consists of grass-fed butter and ghee, both of which are high sources of omega-3. But instead of starving yourself and eating a diet that lacks proper nutrients, it is always better to go for healthier alternatives that are rich in omega-3. Salomon, walnuts and chia seeds are great options.

Also, for diabetic people, it is important to keep having small meals throughout the day to have a regular intake of carbohydrates. As bullet-proof coffee keeps you full for longer time intervals, it can trigger an attack among diabetic people. If you are already suffering from any heart-related or high cholesterol problem then it is recommended to take a step back from anything like bullet-proof coffee.

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Things like Keto and low-carb diets are becoming very popular among people. It is true that these diets significantly contribute towards losing weight, but there can be harmful effects that outweigh the weight loss part. Always try to do proper research before trying to follow a certain health trend or popular recipe that is getting viral