Weight Loss Diet: 5 Clear Soup Recipes For Dinner
Image Credit: Clear soups are perfect winter treats.

Clear soups, as the name suggests, are low on calorie count. For the uninitiated, these soups are generally made with the stock or liquid of vegetables or meat. They are simmered in water, so that the soup attains all the flavours of the veggies and meat in it. The resulting liquid is free of any starch or preservatives.

No spices or additives are included in the clear soup, making it a healthy dinner meal. These are different from the other soups that contain cornstarch and several other spices that increase the calorie intake of the person. Perfect for those trying to lose weight, clear soups are the real deal during winters. Instead of indulging in hot and deep-fried delicacies or processed foods, these clear soups help to keep you warm during the chilly weather, while keeping a check on your nutrient and calorie intake too.

Chicken as well as vegetables - like carrot, broccoli, coriander, and mushroom - can be used for making clear soups. If you’re up for it, here are a few clear soup recipes that can aid your weight loss journey.  

1.   Lemon Coriander Clear Soup

The rich and delicious lemon-flavoured soup is loaded with the freshness of coriander leaves that lends a tantalising aroma to it. Not just that, a vegetable stock with cabbage, beans, and coriander is prepared and added to the soup pot, which makes it thick and nutritious. Add some sweet corn too if you like and mix with ginger and garlic for additional flavour.

2.   Chicken Clear Soup

Made with protein-rich chicken stock, the clear soup is filled with pieces of shredded chicken, along with carrots, onions, bay leaves, and thyme. The herb-flavoured soup comes packed with the delicious chicken pieces and seasoning of salt and black pepper. Sip on this light and breezy soup on a cold winter night and you’ll have a great sleep.

3.  Thai Mushroom And Spinach Clear Soup

Do you like mushrooms but fret at the sight of spinach? Well, this soup is the perfect solution to feeding yourself and your kids a whole pot of veggies without complaints. This thin soup is also good for curing sore throats and colds. Filled with mushroom chunks, the green colour of the soup is attained because of the spinach leaves. Iron, protein and loads of nutrients are hidden in this simple bowl of soup.  

4.  Broccoli And Carrot Clear Soup

A super-healthy concoction made with Vitamin C rich ingredients, like broccoli and carrots, this soup is a must-have during winters. Finely chop the carrots and add broccoli florets to it. Flavour with onions, garlic and celery. Sun-dried tomatoes are also added to lend it a tangy touch. This clear soup is great to boost immunity during this season and also helps prevent damage from free radicals. 

5.   Zucchini Clear Soup

The vitamin and mineral-rich vegetable, zucchini is a delicious addition to a bowl of soup. Slice the zucchini into pieces and prepare a rich concoction with it. Add onions and tomatoes for flavour along with cumin seeds, pepper powder, and ginger. Finally, season with salt and garnish with coriander leaves.