Weight Loss: Desi Snacks For A Guilt-Free Experience

Snacks are generally small food portions that we consume between meals. You may think that snacking is not ideal for weight loss and you are partially right. Fried snacks and snacks high in calories are definitely not good for weight loss but there are some healthy snacking options too.  

Snacking on healthy foods can not only increase your nutrient intake but can also provide the required amount of fiber, healthy fats, and protein to your body. Just to bust your myth that no snack will lead to weight loss, here are some snack options that might help. These snacks are 'dil se desi'. 

Ragi Samosa 

Well, you don’t to have ditch your samosas but make them small. All you have to replace maida with healthy ragi flour. Make ragi samosas and stuff them with the healthy stuffing of your choice. Wanna know how to make it? Here you go. 

Puffed Jowar And Bajra Bhel 

There is no one who can say no to tangy and spicy bhel. For those trying to lose weight, we have a healthy bhel option made up of puffed jowar and bajra. This bhel is easy to make and too delicious to make. Here’s how you can make it at home. 

Oats Idli 

Idli is a staple breakfast fondly eaten across the country. But not just for breakfast, you can have idlis as snacks too. For healthy munching, you can make idlis from oats and have it any time of the day. This idli is so easy to make and could be served with chutney or sauce. Don’t forget the recipe. 

Egg Chaat 

Egg chaat could be healthy as well as delightful. Eggs have always been considered ideal for weight loss but this egg delight is not just healthy but tasty too. You can have it at any point of the day and can even carry it in your tiffin. Follow the steps below to make it at home.  

All these snacking options are easy to make and could be your saviour when it comes to untimely hunger pangs. These snacks will provide the right amount of nutrients to your body and will help you in your weight loss journey.