Weight Loss: 5 Indian Breakfast Recipes That'd Be Excellent Addition To Your Diet
Image Credit: Pexels| 5 Indian Breakfast Recipes That'd Be Excellent Addition To Your Diet

In a recent interview with Kamiya Jani, actor Shahid Kapoor happened to mention how his breakfast is almost always something light and Indian. Uthappams and Idlis are usual suspects. That’s right, one of the fittest Bollywood actors not only eats carbs that early in the day, but also keeps it as desi and delicious. For the longest time, Indian breakfast has had a bad rep for being oily, spicy and greasy. The deep-fried kachoris and bhaturas are indeed some of the most popular breakfast items, but there’s so much more to pick and choose from. Some that may even help you knock off a kilo or two.  

If you are eyeing a sustainable weight-loss plan, you need to look at a combination of things. Certain morning rituals, like having lukewarm, turmeric and lemon water on empty stomach could help kickstart your metabolism. Try and include good dose of protein in your breakfast, partake in light physical activities. You’d be surprised how these few things can prove to be a gamechanger for you. Now without further a do. Here are some Indian breakfast recipes that can be especially effective.  

1. Pesarattu

Made with green gram or whole mung bean, rice and coriander leaves. Pesarattu is a crepe-like dish similar to dosa that hails from the region of Karnataka. It is green in colour and an exceptionally wholesome way to start your day. The high-protein breakfast is best paired with peanut chutney.  

2. Adai Dosa

An instant South Indian pancake. Adai dosa is again, a protein-rich dosa which is very popular in parts of Karantaka. It is made with a combination of lentils such as Moong, arhar, chana etc. Pair it coconut or tomato chutney and munch away.  

3. Besan Cheela

Like Dosa, cheela too is an Indian pancake that is made on a griddle. The only difference here is that of the batter. The batter of cheela is not fermented. It is, in fact, a soft and elastic batter made with chickpea flour or besan, green chillies and onions.  You need bare minimal amount of oil to make a cheela, and you can pair it with anything from curd or pickle.  

4. Tomato Poha

Lightly tossed poha or flattened rice flakes with veggies are a favourite across India, and the many versions of the dish are proof. Tomato poha is light, tangy, and delightful breakfast dish that would surely be a hit among everyone.  

5. Rava Idli

Did you know Rava Idli was first created in Bangalore’s famous Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, during the second world war? The war affected the supply of rice, and the shortage of rice compelled the chefs to innovate, they started making idlis with semolina or rava, and the rest, as they say is history. The substitution of rice with semolina, actually makes the idli much more diet-friendly. Semolina is complex carb, that takes time to breakdown, keeping you full and energised for long.