Ways To Include Beetroot In Your Diet For Weight Loss
Image Credit: Beetroot khichdi is nutrition in a bowl | Unsplash

Beetroot is a vegetable that has no disputes over it being nutritious. Yet, it is not one of the ingredients that is preferred by everyone because of its taste. But there is nothing that nature has provided us with that cannot be made absolutely delicious if cooked the right way. And an ingredient as amazing as beetroot does not deserve to be underrated. So, let us look at some amazing recipes you can make and enjoy with beetroot. 

Before we move on to the recipes, let us look at what are the illustrious health benefits of beetroot that would motivate you to add it to your diet. 

  • The nutritional profile of beetroot is very impressive as it has very low calories and many nutrients. They contain almost all of the nutrients that the human body needs.
  • It is a very nice ingredient to keep your blood pressure in check. 
  • Beetroot is known to help fight inflammation. 
  • It can also improve the athletic performance of the body by enhancing the endurance. 
  • Beetroot has a lot of dietary fibre and hence it helps in improving digestive health of the body. 

Now that we know how amazing the health benefits of beetroot are, let us look at the ways you can include beetroot in your diet.

Beetroot juice is a great option to have | Unsplash

Beetroot is a great salad option. It can be diced and sliced and added to other veggies to make an amazing salad. Add lemon juice, chaat masala, black salt and pepper and have one of the most delicious salads. It can be eaten separately as a snacking option and also as a side dish with rice, chapati or other gravies.


If you think only boring and bland food can be made with beetroot, then you are wrong. Amazing vegetable cutlets can be made with beetroot, because it has sweet-salty-savoury flavour that gives a great taste to the cutlet. The colour of beetroot also makes the cutlets look extremely tempting because it is a bright red colour.


Beetroot juice is one of the most nutritious pre or post workout drinks that you can have. It is a drink that can help you lose weight rapidly. It is an amazing drink that is refreshing as well has filling. It is also a great morning drink to have and that helps in boosting metabolism.


Yes, you read it right. Desserts and really good sweet dishes can be made with beetroot. Beetroot is a naturally sweet vegetable, so the halwa made by shredding it is not only absolutely delicious to look at, but also nutritious and healthy. Make it with ghee instead of oil and jaggery instead of sugar and reap the benefits of eating this amazing dessert.


If there is one homemade Indian dish that screams of comfort and health at the same time, then it is khichdi. And when you add beetroot to the already amazing recipe, you will see how wonderful and nutritious this simple dish can become. Enjoy it with some spicy raita and achaar and have the best meal.

Try these amazing dishes made with beetroot and see how wonderful the vegetable can actually be if you make it in innovative and interesting ways. It tastes amazing along with helping you lose weight side by side. Forget the myth that diet food is boring food and enjoy these healthy beetroot recipes.