6 Delicious Bhindi Recipes For Lunch
Image Credit: Unsplash

You can enter a vegetable market at any time of the day or year and be greeted warmly by bhindi. Bhindi, sometimes referred to as ladies finger, is a highly well-liked vegetable in India and is offered all year round at reasonable prices. It is very well-liked by both children and adults and is quite tasty.

The appropriate approach to preparing bhindi can make it fairly great after cooking, despite the fact that it appears to be a little sticky when cutting and even while cooking. Bhindi is a long, green vegetable with lovely ridged skin that looks beautiful on the table.

Bhindi can be used to prepare a wide variety of foods, from appetisers and pickles to both straightforward and complex subzis. Bhindi is cooked plain in some of the recipes, while it is packed with masalas in others. Here is a list of the best bhindi recipes for lunch.

1. Bhindi masala

Tender okra pods, strong onions, tangy tomatoes, and strong spices and herbs are all ingredients in the North Indian curry dish known as bhindi masala. It is a common meal that is offered in plenty of restaurants. The name "masala" in this context refers to a sautéed base of aromatics like onions, garlic, and ginger along with the customary tomatoes, spices, and herbs. "Bhindi" is the Hindi word for okra. You must now know what bhindi masala is all about: okra cooked in a spicy, tangy sauce made from onions, tomatoes, and ground spices. Numerous Punjabi cuisines frequently include the spice mixture used in this recipe. The ideal way to enjoy this bhindi masala is with some soft roti or phulka. Additionally, you can eat it with naan, paratha, or rumali roti. A tiffin box can also be used to pack it.

2. Bhindi masala curry

This is a very tasty, home-cooked curry with okra or bhindi. Simple ingredients can be used in this recipe; there is no need to thicken the gravy with additional ingredients like cashews, poppy seeds, melon seeds, or cream. Therefore, making this wonderful masala bhindi curry is simple for everyone who has Indian spices and ingredients at home. The mild sweetness of the okra pairs perfectly with the tanginess of the tomatoes. Soft phulkas, chapatis, or parathas pair well with this bhindi curry. Also, along with steamed rice, this slightly spicy okra curry tastes great.

3. Kurkuri bhindi

Kurkuri bhindi is a spicy, delicious, and incredibly crispy fry cooked with soft ladies' fingers or okra pods, gram flour, and spices. One of the finest side dishes you can prepare to go with your regular Indian dinners is this bhindi fry. They are fun to eat plain or with a dipping sauce as well. The spices add a robust, complex flavour, and the gram flour or besan gives it a crispy texture. This recipe pairs well with dal-rice, sambar-rice, curd-rice, or even just plain chapati or paratha as a side dish.

4. Shahi bhindi

This straightforward recipe for restaurant-style shahi bhindi uses standard ingredients like onions, tomatoes, and cashews to create a lovely, creamy gravy.

Cashews can be simply replaced with blanched almonds. Fresh curd and cream are also used in the dish.

Shahi bhindi gravy tastes great with chapatis, parathas, or tandoori rotis.

5. Bharwa bhindi

Okra packed with a fragrant mixture of ground spices is known as bharwa bhindi, a delightful and flavorful dish. This vegan recipe for stuffed bhindi is made without using any onion or garlic. These deliciously prepared okra go perfectly with roti, paratha, naan, or as a side dish for dal and rice.

6. Dahi bhindi

Dahi bhindi is a flavorful dish made of sauteed, tender okra in a smooth, creamy, lightly spiced, and tangy yoghurt sauce. With some hot roti or naan, this delectable dahi wali bhindi dish is a treat to eat. Steamed basmati rice or cumin rice are the next best accompaniments.