Watching Bridgeton Season 3? Make These 5 Themed Desserts
Image Credit: Unsplash

The highly anticipated royal series, Bridgeton is finally available for fans to watch on the OTT platform Netflix. Based on the famous book series written by Julia Quinn, Bridgeton quickly got attention, and thanks to the plot, there was lots of love from fans all across the globe. 

Be it the long wait to unravel the lingering love between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton or to take another look at the ballroom dances, the fans for sure waited long enough for season 3. So, if you are planning to watch the latest Netflix series, it’s only fair to watch it in style. Whether you’re watching alone or having friends over for a binge-watch session, making the themed desserts to keep you company would elevate your experience.

Butterfly Vanilla Cake

Just like the previous two seasons of Bridgeton, the story will be filled with love and romance. If you are rooting for Colin Bridgeton and Penelope Featherington, you will definitely feel the butterflies in your stomach. To perfectly match the emotions, you can make a smooth and mouth-melting vanilla cake with the usual ingredients. Once the cake is baked and cooled down, you can have the time of your life icing it and decorating it with different coloured butterflies made out of fondant. 

Champagne Sorbet

When the theme is Bridgeton, you will definitely have to add a touch of class to your desserts. And what’s better to give a royal touch than champagne itself? If you are having your loved ones over for a binge-watching session, you can make champagne sorbet, the classy frozen dessert. By blending your favourite fruit like strawberry, mango, litchi, etc, you can mix it with sugar and a little lemon juice. Then, after churning the contents in an ice cream maker, freeze till the time you can raise your champagne sorbet cups to Bridgeton.

Layered Royal Trifle

No Bridgeton-themed watch party can be complete without a royal dessert. To make the most out of the situation, you can make the layered dessert, trifle. Start with the base layer of a crumbled chocolate cake. Next, you can add a layer of custard made from scratch or using a premix. Then, you can add freshly chopped fruits topped with a generous layer of whipped cream.

British Tea Cakes

Who said just the British accent can steal a show? Have you tried watching Bridgeton, the show set in early English times with some British tea cakes? Not only can you make these little desserts with easily available ingredients, but you can also have double the fun while setting up your own Bridgeton-themed vibe. With English tea served with mouth-drooling tea cakes, you and your friends can watch and even enact the show.

Love-Themed Strawberry Mousse

When it comes to season 3 of Bridgeton, you will realise that love is truly in the air. But you don’t have to watch it with the same old ice cream tub when you can make a love-themed strawberry mousse. By mixing pureed strawberries with heavy cream, you can let the mousse set in the refrigerator. You can garnish the mousse with whipped cream and chopped berries. For a more elegant touch, you can add some edible flowers and enjoy them while watching the latest episodes.