Try These 6 'How I Met Your Mother' Themed Desserts
Image Credit: Unsplash

In between all the slap bets and the legen, wait for it, dary high fives, you’d never know when you fall in love with the beloved characters of ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ The TV Series has a huge fan base with its themed coffee shops, merchandise, and of course, the casual references slipped into conversations.

If ‘How I Met Your Mother’ has given you uncontrollable waves of laughter with Ted and Robin’s banter, surprises with Barney’s playbook, or left you in complete awe with Marshall and Lily’s connection, celebrate with a binge-watching session and the themed desserts. What are you still thinking about? Switch on the television, play your favourite episodes and start whipping!

The Yellow Parfait

Isn’t ‘How I Met Your Mother’ all about chasing the yellow umbrella with desperation to know the girl carrying it? And as the saying goes, “Funny how sometimes you just find things,” celebrate Ted and Tracy’s love story by making a yellow parfait. 

All you need to do is make lemon custard and vanilla sponge cake. To start, take serving glasses, add vanilla cake as the base layer, and top it with the custard. Now, add some mango slices and a layer of custard. Top it off with whipped cream, and get a small yellow umbrella for a special HIMYM touch.

The Blue Macarons

Whenever there is a conversation about grand gestures, Ted stealing the blue French horn, not just one time but twice, always tops the list. In an ode to Ted’s unconditional love for Robin, why don’t you make blue mac rons while revisiting the episode? You can start by making blueberry macarons with a hard shell and soft vanilla and blueberry filling on the inside, quite like Robin. Arrange them in a plat and add some flavoured sprinkles with whipped cream, portraying the colourful journey of Ted and Robin.

Lilypad's French Toast

Lily and Marshall are just the perfect goals, and her French toasts aren’t just loved by Marshall but also by Ted. If you want to surprise your partner with a HIMYM-inspired French toast, do it with a twist. Make a heart-shaped French toast and add honey syrup on top. Also, take some heart-shaped bread and fill it with Nutella, slice a banana into pieces, and sprinkle some sugar on top. Place all the content in a tray, and there you it, a mushy surprise that’ll melt your partner’s heart.

Victoria’s Chocolate Cupcakes

Victoria, who initially gave out her name as Buttercup, was one of the most loved women dated by Ted. While Ted fell in love with the baker, Lily and Marshall fell for the cake she made. Even during their long-distance relationship, Victoria kept sending the mouth-melting chocolate cupcakes to Ted. Why don’t you recreate them by baking a batch of cupcakes? You can also give them a fancy look by adding frosting on the top and garnishing with caramel and chocolate sauce.

A Suit-Up Barney Cake

No Barney-themed dessert will be complete without “suiting it up.” To make this legendary delicacy, bake a vanilla or chocolate-based cake based on your preference. Whip up some cream and cover the entire cake uniformly. 

Now comes the artistic part, take grey and black coloured fondant and get the cake a perfectly tailored suit with a tie. To make it more whimsical, write “Wait For It” with some chocolate sauce, and it’ll by far be the perfect ‘How I Met Your Mother’ dessert replication.

The Best Cheesecake Ever

Be it to celebrate MacLaren’s Pub or the characters' hunt to find the best hamburger ever; this list will be incomplete without celebrating the classic New York Cheesecake. To make the decadent cheesecake, take a baking tray and add a layer of crumbled vanilla biscuits. Add cream cheese whipped with flour and sugar as the next layer and bake it. Garnish the rich and creamy cheesecake with chocolate ganache, and you’ll have the essence of New York right on your plate.