Watch: The Making Of This Gigantic Omlette Is Trending On The Internet; Find Out Why
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/Youtube, This giant omlette is loaded with cheese, veggies, kebabs and butter.

Getting up in the morning and making breakfast for yourself seems like a task at times. Bread and butter could be a go-to option for some. But for non-vegetarians, the easiest way around this would be to up whip up some eggs and dunk them on a toast. Eggs are one of the most versatile food item to work with. From boiled and poached varieties to the omlettes and bhurjis, the anda has a very simple funda i.e. taste. Moreover, you would also find Indian flavours blending with the egg to form the delicious egg curry. 

With so many hacks to spruce up an egg, won’t it be an ideal dish to serve in a jiffy? Of course, but not if you are planning to make a giant omlette from 40 eggs. Don’t look disheveled. We know it sounds odd and unrealistic but someone has actually made it possible. Recently, a food blogger who goes by the name, Are You Hungry, shared a short video of the making of this big omlette on his YouTube channel. Are you dying to see it too? Here’s what it looks like. 

         Source: Are You Hungry/YouTube

The video begins with the street vendor dunking two to three bars of butter into a pan. Next, we find him breaking eggs into a huge utensil. Counting upto 40 eggs, he starts whipping them together. He goes back to the pan and adds chopped onions to the melted butter. He adds tomatoes and green chillies along with salt and red chilli powder to it. Then he pours in the whipped eggs into the pan and spreads it evenly. After cooking it from one side, he grates some cheese on it and flips to the other side. He garnishes it with some chopped coriander and takes it out on a plate. He tops it with loads of grated cheese and some more melted butter. 

Finally, he tosses some kebabs in a pan with spices and tomatoes. He places it on the omlette and then adds some sliced paneer to it. With a drizzle of fresh cream, he places a lettuce leaf in the centre of the omlette and serves it right up. Would you like to eat this omlette? 

If not, we have some delicious egg recipes waiting for you. 

1.  Mushroom Folded Omlette 

Loaded with chunky mushrooms in the centre, the eggs are whipped into an omlette along with coriander, herbs, tomatoes and onions. The omlette is so filling that it can be eaten as it is. 

2.  Cheese Omlette 

Do you like a cheesy affair in the morning? The eggs are tossed with chopped vegetables and spices and finally cooked on a pan. The grated cheese is added to it and it tastes amazing with that. 

3.  Bread Cheese Omlette Muffins 

The goodness of muffins and eggs in one dish, well it has to be these egg muffins. You can simply dunk in the bread, cheese and eggs into the muffin moulds and Voila! The cute muffins are ready.