Punjab and it's culture is famous for vibrancy and good food. The people of Punjab are known to celebrate festivals and life with a lot of fervour. An integral part of the Punjabi thread is the food that is relished by the people of this region. From the famous Amritsari fish to Sarso Ka Saag, there is no dearth of flavours here. We bet you know that even butter chicken has it's origin in the land of Punjab. However, a lesser known fact is that the Punjabis are famous for their culinary twists that they give to their street food like Chaat. One of the most popular and loved street food we are talking about is the Amritsari Bun Chaat. Make Amritsari Bun Chaat with Home Chef Sonia Sarpal. This street food style chaat is a specialty of Amritsar and you can make it easily at home. Get ready for a chatpata evening while relishing a plate of this snack. 


Oil for frying

Burger buns - 2 

For potato mix:

Potatoes - 1/2 kg

Corn flour - 5 tsp 

Besan - 1 tsp 

For Chana dal mixture:

Boiled Chana dal - 1 cup 

Salt to taste

Chaat masala - 1 tsp 

Red chilli powder - 2 tsp 

For toppings:

Curd (1 cup) + Powdered sugar (1 tsp)

Salt + Chaat masala + Roasted jeera powder

Tamarind chutney - 2 tbsp 

Mint coriander chutney - 2 tbsp

Onion + Sev + Coriander leaves


Boil some chana dal and pour it in to a bowl. Sprinkle red chilli powder, chaat masala, salt, hing powder and mix well. 

In another bowl, put some grated boiled potato and add some corn flour. Add besan and mix well. 

Slice some buns and spread chana dal masala on it. Flatten the potato mix like a disc between your hands. Cover the bun with potato mix as shown in the video. 

Heat oil. Roast the bun. Roast both the sides until golden. Cut the bun. 

In a spare bowl, add sugar to curd. Top the bun with curd. Sprinkle some chaat masala, jeera powder and salt. Top it with tamarind chutney, mint chutney, onion rings, sev and coriander and enjoy.