The Best Places For Aloo Chaat In Delhi
Image Credit: Aloo chaat is especially prized for its taste and because it’s made with fried potato, which is a favourite with most people.

Chaat is synonymous with Delhi and has been the gastronomic lifeline of the city’s residents for years. From gol guppas to papdi chaat, vendors selling all kinds of chaat can be found on streets and also within iconic establishments. Aloo chaat is especially prized for its taste and because it’s made with fried potato, which is a favourite with most people. Enjoyed as a hot snack on a rainy day or even otherwise, good aloo chaat must be crispy and have the right amount of spice. We recommend the best places for aloo chaat in Delhi:

Prabhu Chaat Bhandar

Located off Shahjahan Road in the UPSC Lane, Prabhu Chaat Bhandar serves crispy aloo chaat that is deep-fried right in front of you. Chunks of deep-fried potato are spiced with chutneys and sprinkled with the stall’s signature masala. The stall is as old as 1935, back when it was started by Nathu Lal. Bollywood celebrities like Rajesh Khanna and Manoj Kumar have also been known to have visited the stall. 

Location: Shahjahan Road, near UPSC Bhavan, UPSC, Man Singh Road Area, New Delhi.

Timings: Daily, noon-7pm. 

Cost for two: ₹120

Bishan Swaroop Chaat Bhandar

Known mainly for its fruit chaat, Bishan Swaroop Chaat Bhandar also serves good aloo chaat. The place has been serving chaat since 1923 and was started by Lallu Ram, Bishan Swaroop’s father. Besides regular aloo chaat, the menu also features shakarkandi aloo chaat, and aloo-kachaloo chaat. 

Location: 1421, Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi. 

Timings: Monday-Saturday, 1-8pm. 

Cost for two: ₹80

Bengali Sweet House

One of Bengali Market’s most iconic institutions, Bengali Sweet House makes some of the tastiest aloo chaat in the city. The chutney used is tangy and the masala is spicy without being unbearable. Potato cubes can be seen sizzling in hot oil in a large kadai next to Bengali Sweet House’s gol guppa vendor.

Location: 30-33, Bengali Market, Todarmal Road Area, Mandi House, New Delhi. 

Timings: Daily, 8.30am-10pm. 

Cost for two: ₹140


Nathu’s stands right opposite Bengali Sweet House, next to Bengali Market’s roundabout. The chaat at both establishments is equally good and priced similarly, Nathu’s being slightly more expensive. Besides the dosas, tandoori snacks, and other types of chaat, the aloo chaat here is very good. Crisp and spicy, its taste can be tailored to suit preferences.

Location: Shop No. 23, 24, Bengali Market, Tansen Marg, New Delhi.

Timings: Daily, 7.30am-10pm. 

Cost for two: ₹180