Many times we stop ourselves from truly indulging in yummy snacks because of the calories that it contains. We are always on a look out for a healthier version of our favourite sinful indulgences. The most popular of these indulges is - Chaat. Today we have that one recipe we know everyone wants and it’s - Guilt Free Sev Puri! Sev Puri is a guilty pleasure we all enjoy but the calories are too much aren't they? This recipe will come to your rescue. It's super easy to put together and much healthier than the regular sev puri. This way you can enjoy your favourite snack without feeling guilty. Follow this step by step video by Home Chef Chirag: 


Boiled potato

Red chilli powder

Chaat masala


Lemon juice


Spicy chutney

Sweet chutney

Sev bhujia



Take a cucumber. Cut it into thin slices. 

In a bowl take boiled potato. Add red chilli powder + chaat masala + salt + lemon juice to the boiled potato and mix everything well. 

Take cucumber slices and stack them with the prepared potato mixture. Top it with chopped onions, spicy chutney, sweet chutney, sev, coriander and enjoy.