Was That Butter Chicken On Gordon Ramsay’s Spread?
Image Credit: Gordon Ramsay/Instagram, The chef enjoys butter chicken the most from the Indian fare.

The Indian association with curry dates back to the Harappan civilisation. While the gravy-like dishes are a common part of most regional fares in the country, there are some of these curries that are picked up by chefs and food connoisseurs and popularised in other parts of the world too. Butter chicken is one of them. The creamy chicken curry from India was recently on Gordon Ramsay’s Instagram feed and we’re amazed. 

The renowned British chef and restaurateur has appeared on several cooking shows on television and is quite active on social media too. While there are plenty of recipes that he shares day in and day out, one dish that grabbed eyeballs from his recent indulgence was this Indian curry. Gordon took to his Instagram to share a short video of his cosy afternoon meal at a UK-based restaurant. He panned the camera to showcase all the delights that he was relishing.  

There was a plate of fried fish and chips with tartare sauce on one side along with a baked cheesy pot in another corner. However, what caught our attention was the third plate that featured an orangish curry in a bowl with a drizzle of fresh cream on top and garnish of coriander leaves. It was paired with some fried bites like papad and yellow rice. 

Butter Chicken

The spread looked absolutely delicious and what made us so sure about the butter chicken was another chef’s comment on his post. Gordon captioned the post saying, “An afternoon well-spent on the @heddonkitchen’s terrace!”. To this, Chef Vineet Bhatia replied saying, “I spot a butter chicken @gordongram”. In fact, he also expressed that butter chicken is one of his favourite Indian foods after chicken tikka masala, as per a report by a media publication.

This isn’t the first time that Gordon has been gorging on Indian food. In fact, the chef took several trips to India, during which he closely worked with chefs as well as locals to understand Indian flavours. He even made sambar during his stay in South India and learnt about fish curries from the region.