Viral: Butter Chicken Tacos Is the Latest Fusion Dish To Confuse Netizens
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @tandooribiceps

Forget chaat papdis or tikkas, Indian street food today is all about fusion dishes. It doesn't matter how bizarre the fusion food combination might be, once on social media, it will find its audience for sure. Even chocolate pakoda did, which actually prove the more bizarre the dish, the more popular it gets! Don’t you want to know what might be in ice cream dosa or maggi paratha? Or does it even taste good? So while ice cream dosa and chocolate pakoda might sound too bizarre, we have a rather comforting delicacy for you today that has been doing the rounds on internet. The dish that has been boggling with the minds of desi foodies is butter chicken tacos.  

In a video shared by food blogger Tandoori Biceps, we see a vendor take naan like taco shells. He then moves on to spread a generous serving of butter chicken gravy on each shell, making sure it covers all sides of the taco shell. He follows it by adding boneless butter chicken pieces and some raw sliced onions on the taco shells and seal it like a taco. The butter chicken taco is then grilled in a pizza oven till crisp to give a typical hard taco-like texture. Voila! Your butter chicken taco is ready to be devoured. You can find this fusion Mexican-Indian dish at 'Sizzlin Slices', Jail Road in New Delhi. The video has over 340k views and more than 19k likes. Take a look:

While the dish sure looks interesting, butter chicken taco has got mixed reactions and has in fact confused the internet. On one hand, some people were actually tempted to try out this dish as it looked quite delicious and even the food blogger reviewed it as "5/5" for taste in his caption. On another, many people were hesitant to consider this dish as taco as it didn't have some of the most popular taco ingredients. Here's what people commented about this butter chicken taco: 


"That's amazing" 

"That's not a taco though" 

"This is not even a taco" 

"Mexicans want to know your location" 

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