Want To Make Crispy And Crunchy Pakoras? See These Tips

Who doesn’t love hot and crispy pakoras? Be it a party starter or tea-time snack, you just can’t say no to pakoras. Pakoras are hands down, our favourite go-to snack and can really show you a good time. You can make pakoras out of literally anything. From potato to spinach, everything can make for delicious pakoras. But what if the pakoras you are making are not perfectly fried? It will be annoying, isn’t it? 

Easting pakoras are too easy but making them could be difficult. If the pakora batter’s consistency is not right or the pakoras are not properly fried, it can literally spoil your experience. Sometimes the pakoras turn soggy and taste bad. But you know what? There are some tips and tricks you can follow to make the perfect pakoras just like your dream. You can thank us later! 

Using Cold Water Is The Key 

Preparing pakora batter is the key to making perfect pakoras. And you ace this art. All you have to do is while preparing the pakora batter, you have to use cold water. Cold water helps in keeping pakoras crispy and they don’t absorb much oil and stay crispy for a longer time. Isn’t it great? 

No Lumps Should Be There 

To get the right consistency of pakora batter, proper mixing is important. Sometimes we leave lumps in the mixture and this affects the texture of the pakoras. While preparing the batter, make sure there are no lumps otherwise the pakoras will not cook properly. For this, you have to stir well when adding all the different ingredients.  

No Over Stirring 

Stirring is important but over-stirring can spoil your pakoras. If you are using maida, you should definitely not over-stir pakoras otherwise the pakoras will turn stretchy. Not only this, such pakoras absorb more oil and make pakora soggy. So, to avoid all these problems, all you have to do is add all spices and water and mix it lightly. 

Drying Your Veggies 

The most common mistake we make is not drying the vegetables before putting them into the pakora batter. It is essential to dry the veggies before putting them in the batter otherwise the pakoras will have moisture and will turn soggy easily. After you cut your vegetables, you can sprinkle little salt on them to get rid of excess moisture.  

Frying The Pakoras Twice 

The master hack to make crispy pakoras is to double-fry them. First, you have to do is fry the pakoras on medium heat and take them off the flame. After some time, fry the pakoras on high heat until they turn golden and crisp. Believe me, this hack will make your pakoras crispy and crunchy.  

Follow these tips and let us know if you would like to have more such articles.