Ace Crispy Chicken Pakoras With These Easy Cooking Tips
Image Credit: Chicken Pakora

Perfecting any dish is an art. It is only after a series of attempts, trials and errors that one gets to a point that they ace a particular recipe. Some of the easiest recipes may take the longest time to perfection. Just like the crispy chicken pakoras. A popular snack across India, this pakora is a non-vegetarian take on the usual fritters.

However, while they may sound easy to make, achieving the desired crunchiness as well as softness is no child’s play. Right from chopping the chicken into smaller pieces to covering it in flour and frying in hot oil, each step plays a major role in determining the resulting chicken pakora on your plate. Served hot, with a side of mint-coriander chutney and tomato sauce, the chicken pakora is flavourful enough to be hand standalone too.

Do you know the story behind the invention of the chicken pakora? It is said that Kundan Gujral, the founder of Moti Mahal restaurant, ran one in Peshawar back in the 1930s. During this time, his menu had the tandoori chicken but lacked any kind of crispy snack. That’s when he decided to batter-fry the chicken pieces coated in tandoori spices. The result was a crispy, fried, and meaty snack that could be relished by one and all.  

While there are several variations of the chicken pakora these days, these tips and tricks will help you ace it in one go.  

1.  Choose The Right Flour

The chicken pakora needs to be coated in the right proportion of flour, so that it turns out to be crispy and moist at the same time. If it is coated with too much flour, it might turn hard. Rice flour and cornflour are suitable for the purpose of coating the chicken. Another alternative to this is millet flour if you want a healthier touch. 

Chicken Pakora

What makes the chicken pakora crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside? It is the marination. The main ingredient for this marination is the binding agent. Generally, egg whites are whisked together, along with spices and herbs which sticks the chicken to the marination. Instead of eggs, a yoghurt mixture can also be used.

3.  Herbs And Spices Do The Trick

For the purpose of flavouring the pakora, herbs like mint and curry leaves are generally used. These lend a strong, pungent aroma and taste to the crispy pakora. Apart from this, ginger-garlic as well as onions are also used to coat the chicken. Garlic lends the pakora an umami taste.

4.  Get The Frying Right

For frying the pakora, ensure that the oil is moderately hot. This would cook the pakora properly from inside and outside. Extremely hot oil will lead to quick browning on the outer layer, leaving the inside uncooked. If it is at a low flame, be ready to taste a hard and chewy chicken pakora.

5.   Coating Is Essential For The Texture

To attain the ideal texture of crispy exteriors and soft interiors, coating should be in the correct proportion. This means that if you apply too much coating, it will become very soft and the chicken won’t be crunchy enough.