Auto Driver In Chandigarh Giving Free Tomatoes; Conditions Apply
Image Credit: Auto Driver Anil Kumar

Tomatoes are on everybody’s mind. From the common man to Bollywood celebrities, everyone is talking about the skyrocketing tomato prices. And it has not just affected the common man; even some renowned eateries have stopped including tomatoes in their food. Tomatoes range from Rs 150 to Rs 250 in different parts of the country. In a situation like this, what would you do if you got some free tomatoes? We know that you will be happy as hell, but CONDITIONS APPLY!

Let us tell you that an auto driver in Chandigarh is giving away 1 kg of tomatoes to everyone for free. So, if you are in Chandigarh, you cannot miss this chance. But do you really think that getting free tomatoes would be this easy? Yes, you got it right; it has some conditions. The auto-driver, namely Anil, has clearly stated that to avail of this fun offer, the person just needs to take a ride in his auto. No, not once, but 5 times. After you have travelled in his auto five times, you can grab your free tomatoes, as per a report published by India Today.

Anil’s offer is very interesting, but it has garnered a lot of attention amid the skyrocketing tomato prices. According to a report published by India Posts English, posters of this grand offer are making the rounds all around Chandigarh, and the local public is also very excited. So, if you are in Chandigarh or visiting the city anytime soon, grab the deal. If some sources are to be believed, the auto driver also has some exciting offers for the much-awaited India and Pakistan cricket match on October 15th. Anil will be giving free rides in his vehicle for 5 days if India wins this match. How great this offer is!