Wanna Burn Fat Quick? 5 Quick And Easy Healthy Mushroom Recipes
Image Credit: Mushroom Soup

A lot of people are trying hard to shed those extra kilos. Right from working out at the gym to following a strict diet, most of us who are trying hard for weight loss, are leaving no stone unturned. But what a lot of people don’t know is that basic ingredients stored in our kitchen can help in weight loss too. Mushrooms are one of them. These are a popular fungi variety that a lot of people enjoy and are great when it comes to supporting weight loss. 

As per experts, mushrooms are low in calories, carbohydrates as well as fats. Besides, they are also high in dietary fiber, vitamins, protein as well as minerals. While some love having mushroom in a salad, some prefer having it when sauteed as a side dish. And some, like me, totally enjoy it as a main course meal. So, if you are following weight loss regime, here are 5 quick and easy mushroom recipes that you can try. These recipes will help you burn that fat quickly! 

Video credits: Fav. Indianfood/YouTube

Mushroom Salad 

When we are talking about weight-loss, salads always find their way. Made with sauteed mushrooms, soya sauce, onions and spices, this simple mushroom salad is easy to make and absolutely filling and nutritious. Best part, it can help in weight loss too! 

Mushroom Soup 

Is there anything better than a delicious and wholesome bowl of mushroom soup? This mushroom soup made with the goodness of veggies, is filling, tasty and healthy. To make this healthy and most importantly weight loss-friendly soup, all you need is some mushrooms, vegetables and spices.  

Mushroom Pulao 

Who doesn’t love pulao? But isn’t it great when you can have pulao during your strict weight loss regime? All you need to do is replace your normal rice with brown rice and add all the veggies including mushroom. With health and taste, this mushroom pulao makes up for a heavenly meal. 

Mushroom Uttapam 

Fuss-free and healthy, this mushroom uttapam could be your go-to breakfast meal. Made with very basic ingredients, this uttapam gets ready in no time and makes up for a healthy and delicious breakfast. To make mushroom uttapam, you need lentils, spices and some chopped mushrooms. You can use spinach for more goodness.

Mushroom Garlic Fry 

Well, this dish is quite versatile and delicious. This mushroom garlic fry is made up of sliced mushrooms, olive oil, onion, garlic and some black pepper. It can get ready in less than 15 minutes and can go well with rice as well as chapati. You can have it literally anytime of the day and satisfy your unwanted hunger pangs. 

So, when are you making these weight-loss friendly mushroom dishes??