Wait, What! Iceland Has Preserved This Big Mac Meal For 12 Years?

If we start listing the fastest growing and most popular food chains in the world, McDonald’s will be somewhere on the top for sure. This brand has numerous outlets around the world and is one of the favourites. 

However, apparently, it is still difficult to find a McDonald’s outlet in countries like Iceland. Until 2009, Iceland had only about four outlets of this food chain. Due to the country’s financial crisis, those also had to close down. That said, one can still get a glimpse of the country’s fondness for the fast-food chain. How? Iceland has preserved a 12-year-old Big Mac Meal as an artefact.

In its latest report, online magazine Atlas Obscura stated that the Big Mac Meal was bought by Hjortur Samaraso on October 30, 2009, the day before the outlets closed. But, guess what, he didn’t eat it. He reportedly threw it in the trash can only to find it lying there after three years. Although everything around the burger was eaten by mice, the French fries and the Big Mac Meal looked like they were bought “just 15 minutes earlier”.  

He then brought the Big Mac Meal inside the house and then decided to send the burger to the National Museum of Iceland to be preserved as a historic gem. It was later taken to other places from the museum. It first went to the Bus Hotel Reykjavik and stayed there for a few years. Currently, it is preserved in the Snotra House in Southern Iceland.

Did you ever think that a country would preserve a piece of food so dearly? Tell us what thoughts are crossing your mind.