Vote In Mumbai And Get A 20% Discount On Restaurant Bills
Image Credit: Twitter | NRAI_India | Freepik

The Mumbai Chapter of the National Restaurant Association of India's (NRAI) 'Democracy Discount' campaign has made voting more fun in Mumbai this year. On May 20th and 21st, the Mumbai voters are going to have enjoyable restaurant treats for themselves. When city residents go out to exercise their right to vote, they can enjoy a 20% discount on their in-house meals at more than 108 participating eateries. 

The 'Democracy Discount' is available to any voter who presents themselves at the participating restaurants with that ink mark on their finger, indicating that they have successfully voted. For those 108 eateries, the campaign will be covering several restaurants, cafes, and snack bars across Mumbai, spanning from the trendy areas of Bandra to the traditional establishments in Colaba. Every venue is prepared to provide a variety of dining experiences, guaranteeing that each voter can discover something to gratify their taste buds.

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Rachel Goenka, the head of NRAI’s Mumbai Chapter, expressed her excitement about the campaign. According to her, the involvement of numerous esteemed local restaurants highlights the strong sense of community in Mumbai. She further emphasised that this initiative serves as a gesture of appreciation from the hospitality industry to encourage more citizens to participate in the electoral process.

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Participating Restaurants And The Scope Of Discounts

While the NRAI has not released a comprehensive list of all participating restaurants, voters are encouraged to look for 'Democracy Discount' posters and signs at local eateries or visit the NRAI Mumbai Chapter’s website for more details. From luxury dining to budget-friendly options, the array of restaurants participating ensures that every voter's taste and budget can be accommodated.

How to Avail The Discount

To avail of the 'Democracy Discount,' voters need only to present themselves with the ink mark visible on their finger at any of the participating establishments. The 20% discount will be applied directly to the total dine-in bill, excluding alcohol, on the designated dates. Hopefully, this 20% discount at restaurants will increase the number of voters by encouraging them to cast their votes. This discounted offer celebrates the voters' contribution to democracy and makes the electoral process a more engaging and rewarding experience.