Voters In Indore Get Access To Free Jalebi, Poha And More

In General Elections, you have been witnessing political parties making promises to provide free this or free that if they come to power. From free groceries to electricity, Indian politicians have been trying to lure voters to cast a vote in the name of their party, however, Indore’s famous street food lane celebrated democracy on Monday (May 13, 2024) by offering free food to voters.

This welcoming move fed hundreds of voters who turned out to exercise their right to vote provided under the constitution of India. The vendors extended this service as a token to appreciate the people of Indore for participating in an activity that ensures democratic rule in India. 

Indore’s Vendors Offer Free Food To Voters

If you have been to Indore (or never have been there), you must have definitely heard about Chappan Dukan, a lane famous for street food. As the voting began early morning on May 13, 2024, the aroma of jalebi being fried filled the air (just the description can make anyone’s mouth water).

To attract voters, the local vendors started offering complimentary meals and huge discounts on food. In an interview, Gunjan Sharma, president of the Chappan Dukan Association, said that thousands of people went to vendors and food joints after casting their vote. She shared her happiness about a large number of people turning to cast their votes.

She was quoted saying, “It is the celebration of the democratic festival so we had pitched this scheme of offering discounts.” 

After 11 am, voters were given free ice creams. A citizen was also interviewed by the media, and they said that it was heartwarming for everyone to witness vendors celebrating the democratic process and encouraging others to vote. Along with ice cream, many voters also had access to free poha and jalebi, both dishes are quite famous in Indore.

Show Inked Finger And Receive Food At A Discounted Price

Near Krishnapuri Chhatri, one can relish finger-licking good Chinese delicacies in Indore. The food stall owners were offering discounts to customers who showed their inked fingers (a mark asserting that they had voted). Not just that but the Hotel Association in Indore added a 15% discount.

This deal in Indore is not unheard of in 2024. Earlier, voters in Pune rejoiced after getting access to free fuel and discounts at restaurants. Housing society reduced maintenance fees, and people received other kinds of incentives as well. To lure more people to vote in Gurugram, incentives like discounted food, drink, and movie tickets were offered.