Vodka to Whiskey: How To Infuse Spirits With Peppermint
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Peppermint is a vibrant and invigorating herb that combines wonderfully with various spirits, such as vodka, gin, whiskey, and tequila, to create tasty and inviting cocktails. Because of its inherent intensity, some people tend to believe that peppermint has the capacity to overpower a given spirit upon infusion. However, several mixologists and bartenders have found this to be untrue. When infused in a proper quantity and using the correct method, peppermint can elevate the overall taste profile of a drink.

After all, several treasured Christmas-themed cocktails feature peppermint prominently, whether it’s the delightfully frothy peppermint punch or the sinfully velvety peppermint chocolate martini. Of course, these drinks are hits because they have been infused with peppermint properly. It’s critical to know the proper infusion techniques, whether you’re working with vodka, tequila, gin, or any other spirit. Therefore, below is a handy guide to enable you to effectively infuse peppermint with different spirits.

Check out the following tips on infusing peppermint in spirits, and create your own peppermint-infused beverages in no time!

How To Infuse Peppermint In Vodka?

Vodka has a subtle flavour, making it an ideal base for peppermint infusion. Opt for a premium-quality vodka to get a superior-tasting cocktail. To start off, muddle peppermint leaves in a glass jar, add vodka, and allow the leaves to fully submerge before sealing the jar for storage. Keep checking the jar every two days to taste and monitor the infusion. Once the ingredients have infused to a satisfactory degree, strain the vodka, get rid of the leaves, and relish a glass of revitalising peppermint-infused vodka.

How To Infuse Peppermint In Tequila?

Tequila’s rustic tones mingle wonderfully with the exhilarating freshness of peppermint. To begin the infusion process, blend peppermint leaves with tequila in sealed jars; allow the concoction to infuse for about five days. Keep monitoring and modifying the mixture from time to time, depending on your taste preferences. Once infused to the desired degree, strain the tequila to remove the leaves. Your homemade peppermint-infused tequila is ready to relish!

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How To Infuse Peppermint In Gin?

Gin’s botanical profile combines flawlessly with the herby elements of peppermint. To start the infusion, introduce crushed peppermint leaves into the gin; seal the mixture in an airtight container; and set it aside for about three days to allow the infusion to take place properly. Continue tasting the gin from time to time to ensure that the spirit has taken on your preferred levels of minty strength. Once the infusion process is complete, strain the gin and combine it with tonic water to craft peppermint-infused gin and tonic!

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How To Infuse Peppermint In Blended Scotch Whiskey?

Blended Scotch whiskies are renowned for their laidback and mild profiles, which can be elevated with a hint of peppermint infusion. In a sealed jar, mix fresh peppermint leaves with whiskey, and let them infuse for about a week. Keep tasting the whiskey now and again to ensure that the mint has combined with the spirit to your preferred taste. After the infusion has been completed, strain the whiskey. Use the newly prepared peppermint-infused blended Scotch whiskey to concoct elegant and enchanting drinks.

How To Infuse Peppermint In Single Malt Whiskey?

Treasured for their complicated and striking flavours, single malt whiskeys could use a splash of peppermint infusion to take them to the next level. As single malts are fragile, ensure the intensity of the mint isn’t too overwhelming; temper it in accordance with the natural flavours of the spirits. Allow the peppermint leaves and whiskey mixture to infuse in a sealed jar for three days. Subsequently, strain the whiskey once the desired infusion level has been achieved, and enjoy well-balanced and flavourful peppermint-infused single malt whiskey cocktails.