Everything You Need To Know About Infusing Turmeric In Cocktails
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Turmeric has enjoyed an esteemed status as a culinary behemoth of Indian cuisine for generations. Widely cherished for its nourishing anti-inflammatory properties, this healthy spice is now taking the mixology world by storm as well. Mixologists and bartenders have taken to this spice in large part due to the vibrant yellow colour it imparts to cocktails, helping craft visually enticing and inviting drinks.

Beyond appearance, turmeric is also infused with a soulful and a rustic taste profile that can elevate ordinary cocktails to extraordinary levels. However, many elements come together to form a cocktail, including herbs, fruits, spirits, and other spices. To make a tasteful and a well-balanced drink, it’s essential to know how to blend all the different ingredients seamlessly for an unforgettable drinking experience.

To this effect, this article will focus on how to effectively mix turmeric with other flavours and ingredients present in cocktails. 

Turmeric-Other Spices Pairings In Cocktails

While pairing turmeric in a cocktail, it’s recommended to stick to and showcase a couple of trusted flavours. Turmeric’s intrinsic warmth melds wonderfully with a host of spices, including cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper which are its natural accompaniments and strive to elevate turmeric’s robustness. Additionally, instead of utilising whole or powdered spices for all cocktails, one can also craft an infusion or a syrup by gently poaching turmeric with the aforementioned spices, storing it in a bottle, and using as needed.

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Turmeric-Citrus Pairings In Cocktails

Citrus is one of the most commonly used cocktail ingredients, finding application in a range of classic as well as contemporary beverages, including Gimlet and Limoncello Spritz. The blending of turmeric with citrus adds a tangy and an invigorating nuance to cocktails. The citrusy zest of lemons or oranges supports turmeric’s rustic notes, making for a harmonious and a rejuvenating experience. Create a Turmeric Citrus Twist drink by mixing fresh citrus juice with a hint of turmeric and a shot of vodka for a thrilling explosion of flavour and colour.

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Turmeric-Herbs Pairings In Cocktails

Being highly versatile, turmeric blends incredibly well with herbs, setting up opportunities to add a touch of glamour and refinement to cocktails. As a starting point, envision savoury dishes that use turmeric alongside herbs; mint, basil, and cilantro are usually the first herbs that come to most people’s minds. These herbs are infused with a revitalising herbal layer that perfectly highlights turmeric’s warmth. Muddle fresh herbs with turmeric to craft an elegant concoction that tickles the taste buds without oversaturating them. Another alternative is to smoke the herbs with a turmeric cocktail to form a mild but addictive flavour.

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It’s quite an art to accomplish the perfect balance of using turmeric in cocktails. Begin small with baby steps; take miniscule quantities of turmeric at first, and over time, increase the quantities to tailor them to your personal preferences. The most important thing to remember is to use turmeric to solely improve the general taste of the drink; don’t allow it to overpower the entire drink. Lastly, and most importantly, always strive to achieve balance and harmony when crafting a cocktail.