4 Eclectic Gin-Based Cocktails With A Twist Of Turmeric
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The turmeric spice, remarkable for its bright yellow colour, is used in a host of foods, including gravies, biryani, and even kulfi. Turmeric milk is recommended for those suffering from cough and cold as the spice possesses anti-inflammatory properties. However, turmeric milk isn’t the only turmeric-based beverage; the spice has also made headway in the cocktail industry. While the inclusion of turmeric doesn’t intrinsically make a cocktail healthy, it does imbue it with a certain richness of flavour as it creates a good balance with the spirits and herbs present in a given cocktail.

The easiest way to include turmeric in a cocktail is by mixing it in with the other ingredients and giving it a good shake and stir before straining it for drinking. Alternatively, it can even be blended with sugar syrup prior to crafting the cocktail. A spirit that pairs particularly well with turmeric is gin. Gin inherently has an intense flavour. So, when it is combined with the spiciness of turmeric, the resulting drink is extremely delicious and sure to pack a punch. Here are some gin-based cocktails with a twist of turmeric to spice up your palate.

Turmeric Gin Sour

Turmeric gin sour is a popular cocktail that is composed of turmeric gin, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, and water solution. The lime juice is an integral part of the cocktail as its sweet and citrusy notes wonderfully counteract to the intensity of the turmeric and gin, creating a rich, unique, and invigorating cacophony of flavours. This drink is best relished as an aperitif before eating a meal; it can also be taken as a nightcap to ensure one enjoys a good night’s sleep.

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Turmeric Gin and Ginger

The spices of turmeric and ginger are known to pair well in savoury dishes, but remarkably, they go together quite nicely in cocktail form too. The crackling crisp element of gin combines wonderfully with the fierce hints of ginger, whereas the addition of turmeric lends a comforting and earthy component to the cocktail. Not only this heady concoction of turmeric gin and ginger guaranteed to arouse one’s sense but also satiate even the most distinctive taste buds.

Turmeric Gin and Tonic

Turmeric gin and tonic reimagines the timeless gin and tonic cocktail with a hint of spice. This cocktail infuses the balmy and fragrant flavours of turmeric with the classic coupling of gin and tonic. To get the best taste out of the turmeric gin and tonic cocktail, it is recommended to use a floral variety of gin, such as Tanqueray No. Ten. The rustic notes of turmeric paired with the flowery tints of the gin come together to form a rejuvenating and revitalizing drink.

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Turmeric Twist Martini

Turmeric twist martini flips the classic martini cocktail on its head by imbuing it with a modern and cutting-edge sensibility. This version of the martini pairs the pungency of gin with the robustness of turmeric to create a highly elegant drink that is guaranteed to arouse one’s senses. Additionally, the earthy and spicy flavours of the turmeric twist cocktail come together to produce a balanced and relishing cocktail.