Virgin Mojito With Soda: Citrusy, Minty Sips
Image Credit: Virgin mojito is a refreshing drink | Pexels

Virgin Mojito tastes just as good as its alcoholic version, Mojito. While Mojito contains white rum, Virgin Mojito does not. Virgin Mojito is made with only four ingredients: juicy lemons, a whole bunch of fresh mint leaves, sugar, a pinch of salt, and lots of crushed ice. The blend of lime and mint renders an exquisite taste to Virgin Mojito that ranks it above cold drinks and fresh lime soda.

Virgin Mojito (the 'j' is pronounced as 'h') is often served as a mocktail or as a drink before a lavish meal. It is an instant refresher and pairs well with any dish, so is a great start to any meal. The drink is said to have originated in Havana, Cuba, in the 20th Century, but this theory has been debated, and there are other accounts of the drink’s origin, with one theory suggesting that Virgin Mojito was invented by the South American Indians. Irrespective of when and how it was invented, Virgin Mojito, today, is a popular global drink. 

To prepare an ideal Virgin Mojito, make sure the lemons and mint leaves are fresh and juicy. Also, the soda should not contain any flavour. The drink is a blend of subtle flavours, including citrusy, minty, and a balance of sweet and salty.

Mojito can be made in a variety of ways, with water and soda, but the latter adds that extra zing to the drink, so the recommended recipe below is Virgin Mojito With Soda:

The drink is ideal for summers | Pexels

Here is a recipe for Virgin Mojito:


  • 3 Lemons 
  • 10 Mint leaves
  • 1 Bottle of soda 
  • Sugar or sugar syrup
  • Salt 
  • Powdered sugar/granulated sugar (for the rim moistener)
  • Crushed ice


  • Cut two big lemons and squeeze out the juice into a cocktail glass
  • Slice one lemon into three circles and put it in the glass
  • Chop 10 fresh mint leaves and add it 
  • Add a teaspoon of sugar (or sugar syrup) and a pinch of salt
  • Mash all the ingredients, but only slightly, with a thick wooden ladle
  • Add plenty of crushed ice, at least half of the glass should be filled with it
  • Pour fizzy soda, little by little so that it doesn't overflow, till the brim
  • Voila! The Virgin Mojito is done

As a final touch, Virgin Mojito can be served in a glass with a sugar rim. Prepare the sugar rim before pouring out the Virgin Mojito into the glass.

Rim moisteners, made for cocktails and mocktails, usually comprise powdered or granulated sugar and a liquid, such as lime juice. The lime juice is used to stick the sugar along the rim of the glass. To make the sugar rim, cut a lemon into a thin slice, and rub the juice along the rim of the glass. On a small, round plate, which must be as wide as the rim of the glass, sprinkle the powdered or granulated sugar along the circumference of the plate, turn the glass upside down on the plate, and coat the rim with the sugar on the lemon juice.