Chocolatey Alcoholic Drinks You Must Not Miss
Image Credit: Image source: Unsplash

Chocolate alcoholic drink means two of our guilty pleasures together. Chocolate cocktails can undoubtedly make any party a big success. Whether vodka or rum, chocolate complements almost all alcoholic drinks. You can go for dark or white chocolate according to your preference. Both look beautiful and will suit different party moods and themes. Many varieties of chocolate liqueurs are available in the market. And, they look beautiful, rich, and taste heavenly. Here are 4 recipes of chocolate cocktails that we think you'll like for your next party.

Chocolate Vodka Shots

If you love vodka shots then try them with chocolate. You just need chocolate cream liqueur and vodka to make a flavourful cocktail. If you want you can add chocolate hazelnut spread as well and garnish with your favourite chocolates.

White Chocolate Espresso Martini

This gorgeous cocktail with its rich colour and strawberry on the rim will make you fall for it. Coat the rim after cooling the glass with white chocolate. Main ingredients of this cocktail involve white chocolate liqueur, espresso, and vodka. Put a stick through a strawberry and place it across the rim of the glass to create a contrast of hues. You can also think of other garnishings.

Coconut Hot Chocolate

Like hot chocolate? If yes, then this is your thing. You will need white chocolate, coconut rum, whole milk, a small amount of dark chocolate, and some coconut flakes if you prefer. Try this yummy drink with your friends at the next party.

Bourbon Ball

The final one is this classy drink that can make any party more fun. Maker's Mark Bourbon, DeKuyper Hazelnut Liqueur, DeKuyper Crème de Cacao White Liqueur, whipped cream, heavy cream and some chocolate shavings are what you need to make this cocktail. Include this delightful cocktail in your party menus and you'll never regret it.