Virgin Mojito: A Cool Summer Drink
Image Credit: Virgin Mojito

Drinking a lot of water and juices is a must, especially during the summer season. It is a healthy practice to keep your body hydrated and take good care of your skin and hair. And Mojitos are considered one of the best drinks to cool off on a hot day. There are a lot of varieties of Mojitos and one of them is Virgin Mojito, a mocktail which helps to rejuvenate yourself in summer. 

Preparing drinks at home is always a better idea than drinking them from outside as those drinks are loaded with artificial flavours and sugar. They are not so clean as well. This Lemon Mojito is prepared with fresh basil or mint and lemon. Just a few ingredients mixed and your drink is ready in no time. You can prepare this drink with water, soda or sprite. Sometimes, alcohol is also added to this drink to bring out strong flavours and have a joyful time.

Putting lemon and basil together is an amazing combination for any mocktail recipe. In this drink, the peppery pungent taste of the basil goes well with the tangy citrusy notes of the lemon and hence makes it an ultimate drink.

The drink can also be prepared in many batches and refrigerated to use later. It tastes best when served chilled. Here’s how to prepare a Virgin Mojito drink at home! 

 Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Servings: 2


•      18 to 20 Basil Leaves (small-sized or ⅛ cup small basil leaves – about 1 gram 

•      2 Lemon Slices 

•     2 tsp Lemon Juice 

•     Salt as per your taste

•     2 cups Club Soda or Sparkling Water or Cold Water

•    1 to 2 tsp Sugar or add as per taste

•    Crushed Ice Cubes 


    Take a bowl, put the basil leaves or mint leaves and add water to it. Now rinse the leaves for a few minutes. Once done, drain all the water and keep the leaves aside for a while  

    Now, take a pitcher, put the basil leaves or mint leaves, lemons slices, sugar and salt in it

    Next, mix all the ingredients well with the pestle

    Now, spoon the blended ingredients into 2 glasses

    Next, take a lemon and divide it into 2 pieces and add it to each glass. Also, add some crushed ice or ice cubes

    In this step, pour soda, sparkling water or water as per your preference. Stir all the ingredients with a spoon

    Finally, chilled Virgin Mojito is ready to serve immediately


    You can use fresh mint leaves instead of basil in this recipe

    Ensure not to put the stems of the basil or mint leaves in the recipe as these can make the mojito taste bitter. Also, don’t crush the mint leaves or basil a lot as it can also make the drink taste bitter 

    The dish gives you the liberty to prepare it with water, soda or sparkling water as per your preference 

    You can use your preferred sweetener instead of sugar and add it as per your taste


This recipe can also be prepared diabetic-friendly by using stevia or honey instead of sugar.