Come summer season and almost all of us look for refreshing, chilled drinks to beat the heat. Slushies, smoothies, shakes, and juices take over everything through the day, isn’t it? Mojito is another chilled beverage that is most people's favourite in the hot season. Weekend parties are packed with glasses of mojito stirred one after another. After all, the sweet and citrusy rum cocktail is popular across the world. But did you know where did the mojito actually originate from?

History Of Mojito

It is known to be a traditional Cuban highball that took birth in Havana, Cuba, even though its actual origins are subject to debate. As per some theories, it was known that the local South American Indians had remedies for various tropical illnesses and they went ashore in Cuba to source some ingredients for an effective medicine; which were primarily the ingredients of today’s mojito.  

Some stories by historians point out that it was the African slaves, who worked in the Cuban sugar cane fields during the 19th century, who were instrumental in the cocktail's origin.

Recipe Of Mojito

The classic mojito consists of five basic ingredients- white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint. The combination of sugar and citrusy lime along with mint compliments the rum and balances the overall flavour. But over the years, there have come a host of experimentations with the classic recipe, even the one without white rum. Don’t you think most of us have tried and drooled over virgin mojito? I know I have! And well, we aren’t guilty. Cocktails and mocktails are meant to be given some spin at some point, isn’t it? If you are someone who is up to experiment with your glass of mojito, we’ve got three amazing recipes for you to try.

1. Moroccan Mojito

Give your mojito a tea spin with Moroccan mint tea blended with lemon wedges and mint leaves. This is a sure-shot way to freshen up your mind and soul during the peak summer season.  

2. Mango Passion Fruit Mojito

This is just what you need in the summer season in India when you have fresh mangoes everywhere. The luscious texture of pureed mangoes, tropical flavours of passion fruit combined with rum, mint, lemon, and simple syrup results in a balanced, refreshing drink that is hard to let go of.  

3. Chilli Mojito

Ever thought of adding dry chilli flakes and egg whites to your glass of rum? This chilli mojito is going to make you do it, and trust us, you won’t forget the burst of flavours!