Virat Kohli Turns 34 – What Does He Like To Eat?
Image Credit: Virat Kohli and his love for chhole bhature is well-known

Former Indian cricket team captain and current superstar of the game Virat Kohli is turning 34 today. After his miraculous batting performance against Pakistan during the ongoing World Cup, where he grasped victory out of the jaws of defeat, his birthday is set to be all the more special. A typical Punjabi boy at heart, Kohli is all set to celebrate his 34th birthday away from family, with the Indian cricket team in Australia.

On the occasion of the star batsman’s birthday, let us look at what this super fit, super healthy athlete likes to eat. Well, Virat Kohli’s diet and fitness transformation is very well documented. How he went from a slightly chubby Punjabi munda from Delhi to an absolute lean and mean beast of a cricketer is a journey to look and marvel at. The kind of discipline that is required to completely shift from a laid back, almost lethargic lifestyle to one of the most hardworking athletes of the world does say something about Virat Kohli – that once he sets his mind on something, he achieves it.

Talking about the cricketer’s favourite food, everyone knows the kind of love that he has for chhole bhature. Afterall, under all that tough interior is a carefree Delhi boy who just wants to have hot, fluffy and crispy bhature with spicy chhole and onion from Ram ke Chhole Bhature. But he is also extremely disciplined and has it very rarely. Infact, his wife and actor-producer Anushka Sharma found out a chhole bhature spot for Kohli in Mumbai after searching for a long time.

A gimple of Virat's restaurant in Delhi | Instagram @one8.commune

Virat Kohli, once a huge butter chicken lover, is now trying to turn into a vegetarian, who eats eggs occasionally. Anushka Sharma is a complete vegan and the couple’s love for animals motivated them to take this decision. Virat, though in an athlete who has a massive protein requirement, hence he does have eggs every once in a while. Other than that, the cricketer also owns his own restaurant chain called One8 Commune, which just opened a branch in Mumbai in the legendary singer Kishore Kumar’s bungalow. Kohli’s favourite dish from his own restaurant is the chimichurri mushroom dumplings and since he has said that, it is also one of the best-selling dishes of One8 Commune.

With his birthday coinciding with the T-20 World Cup, we hope that the backbone of our batting order is rewarded with a gift that is worthy of his stature – the World Cup Trophy. Here is wishing Virat Kohli a happy birthday and Team India all the best for the rest of the tournament.