Popular Punjabi Dishes That Are Barely Cooked In Punjabi Kitchens
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Punjabi cuisine dominates platters across the globe. Not only are the delicacies of the North Indian state packed with loads of nutrients, but they are also equally scrumptious and come with interesting names and stories behind them. Among the Punjabi dishes that are well-loved worldwide include butter chicken, tikka masala, lassi and a plethora of tandoori items.

Interestingly, the food items we gorge on at eateries, dhabas and restaurants, thinking of them as authentic dishes from the state, are not actually what’s cooked in typical Punjabi households. In this context, the Punjabis, especially the Sikhs, love having a lavish diet and incorporate several elements even into their regular menu.

Then again, they do not have the same affinity for the style of Punjabi food that is popular worldwide. Intrigued? Take a look at the top Punjabi dishes rarely cooked in Punjabi kitchens.

Butter Masala Dishes

The rich, luscious, yellowish thick gravies dominate North Indian dhabas and global eateries as the famous butter masala are not regular at Punjabi homes. No average Punjabi household eats that amount of butter or does that kind of frying, sautéing and cooking a thick gravy. Regularly, Punjabis prefer the humble burjis, thinner gravies and even stir-fried curries.

Makhni Dals

On average, Punjabis consume a lot of lentils—green, black, yellow, orange—with or without the peel. However, that doesn’t mean adding malai or cream or even foxnuts (makhana) to the dals. Dal makhani is a Delhi item that is not much favoured in Punjabi households. The humble maa di dal or black urad dal with some rajma is eaten more consistently in the state. The tempering also sans all the rich tomato puree specific to the dal makhani.

Tikka-ed Chicken

Chicken tikka might have been more familiar to Jamie Oliver’s cooking than to my very typical Punjabi sasural’s kitchen. Chicken tikka is only prepared if there is a ‘desire’ to have it. Chicken is generally made in a do-pyaza style gravy or a one-pot style version. The tikka or tandoori is a party favourite and always a ‘planned’ item. However, it is not as common in Punjabi homes as the celebrity chefs want you to believe.

It would probably be wrong to consider that Punjabis always prefer to eat rich, creamy dishes in every meal, much like how it’s portrayed in Bollywood films. The dishes cooked in households there are more diverse and exciting.

Satarupa B. Kaur has been writing professionally for a decade now. But, she is always on the go; she loves to travel, books, and playtime with her toddler as she explores new places and food!