Virat Kohli Talks About Cricketer With 'Weird Food Habits'
Image Credit: Image: YouTube

Cricket is one of India's most popular sports, and Indian cricketers have the biggest fandom not just across the country but globally. And every detail that the fans can get about their favourite cricketer is considered a way to get closer to them. From dressing room secrets to practice sessions, the camaraderie between players and more, cricket fans look forward to everything. Along the same lines, recently, former captain Virat Kohli spilled the beans about one of his colleagues. 

Virat, who recently launched the latest outlet of his restaurant chain One8 Commune, was promoting his latest venture in a YouTube video with Maniesh Paul. 

Maniesh asked him about the weirdest or most bizarre food he has eaten or has seen someone eating. That’s when the cricketer spoke about one team member with the most bizarre eating habits. Virat revealed how he hasn’t eaten any such food combination but spoke about how he was shocked with Wriddhiman Saha's bizarre eating habits. 

"If I've seen anyone try unique combination while eating then it is Wriddhiman Saha. I once noticed his plate, which had butter chicken, roti, salad and there was a rasgulla kept as well,” Virat said, adding, "I saw he took two three bites of roti and salad and gulped the entire rasgulla. So, I asked him, ‘Wriddhi what are you doing?’, and he said this is how he usually eats.” Virat then went on to reveal how there were times when he saw Wriddhiman eat ice cream with dal chawal also. “He eats them together, like two bites of rice and then ice-cream,” Virat said, adding, “I feel creativity can be used some other place."

In the same video, Virat also shared his worst and the best food experience. "I'll tell about my worst food experience. Recently I went to Paris, which was my worst. For vegetarians it was a nightmare, there was a language barrier already, and there were few options for vegetarians."

Talking about his best food experience, Virat said “Best was when we went to Bhutan. Organically grown, the local vegetable, their wild rice. They call it the Bhutanese farmhouse. The concept is that they have small huts, and you climb up the stairs and they grow the vegetables just below. So, they plucked organic vegetables, we ate with them sitting on the floor at their house, and it was the best meal,” the former India captain said. 

What’s your best and worst food experiences? Share with us.