Virat Kohli Is Never Going To Eat 'Karela' And We Can Relate

Virat Kohli is a known foodie and whenever it comes to being vocal about food, the cricketer has never shied away. Recently, a video had gone viral in which the former Indian team captain Virat Kohli while having a conversation with coach Rahul Dravid, got too excited on seeing a special food delivery. The dish was yours, ours and Kohli’s favourite ‘Chhole Kulche’ and that excitement was totally right. Isn’t it? 

In another video shared on social media, the star cricketer revealed one of the food items that he is never going to eat. He took to Instagram and shared a video of one of his ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions. Kohli opened by talking about the weirdest dish he had ever eaten. On this, Kohli said ‘some kind of insect in Malaysia. I didn’t know what it was. It was fried and I just had it and hated it’. Next question to him was what is that one thing he will never ever eat.  The cricketer said ‘One thing I will never eat is.... Now that I am a vegetarian... Karela. I hate Karelas’. The next he was asked about this go-to cheat meal and we all know that it could have been nothing but ‘Chhole Bhature’. Kohli said ‘My go-to cheat meal is very simple actually... ‘Chhole Bhature’. No doubts’. 

The session included other questions too but the netizens related with Kohli because of his thought of never ever eating ‘karela’. One of the users commented ‘"It's just me, when he said, I hate Karelas,". Do you like karela or you also hate it? Do let us know!