Viral Video Of Dal-Chawal Sushi Is Winning Hearts On Internet
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In recent times, we have witnessed the bizarre food combinations that the internet has to offer. This time, the experiment is with the Indo-Japanese dish that has taken the internet by storm. Although we are not the ones to judge the taste of the food, we can definitely provide you with examples of how people have reacted to it. 

What do you do with the extra dal chawal left in your kitchen? You have it with achaar and gulp in the satisfying soul food. However, this time, the viral dal-chawal sushi hack is garnering attention on the internet. Dal-chawal and sushi have joined hands in this interesting fusion. Although people love dal, chawal, and sushi individually, the internet is quite concerned about whether the fusion will be loved by the audience or not.   

Anushree Bhutadaan, a culinary enthusiast, took to Instagram to post a video of dal-chawal presented in the form of sushi. The innovative dish shows how the traditional dal chawal can be given the shape of Sushi. The video starts with her making Dal Chawal and moulding it into a Sushi-like shape. The dish is served with a dipping sauce that consists of dal. 

Anushree wrote, "I recreated the OG comfort food—dal and rice—and turned it into sushi! I know it’s not conventional, but I loved this little creative challenge for myself, and the cherry on top? Got mumma’s approval!" She further wrote that all the ingredients were mixed so well that it had everything—sweetness, spice, and sourness—and tasted really good, "almost like a hug." The key ingredients that she used are plain rice, pomegranate and garlic chutney, onion, sukhi dal (dry lentils), and dal tadka. 

The video has been played 2 million times and has become an instant hit on the internet. One of the users stated, "Never knew dal chawal can be more exciting," while another user wrote, "I lowkey think this is genius and would be something served in a Masterchef Australia episode."